Saturday, February 28, 2015

Step It Up Saturday - Week 2

Ummmmm, there wasn't a whole lot of steppin' it up this week.  I'm not quite sure what happened, but I wanted all the food and lots of sleep.  Just like Harry.  This is how I wanted to spend the week.

Let's see.  Traveling and soccer took up Sunday.

Exhaustion took place Monday through Friday.  I'm still fighting the bronchitis/cold and can't get deep breaths.  I've been achy and sore by the end of each day, and at about two in the afternoon, I feel loopy and light headed.  I'm done with all the medicine except for one asthma preventative inhaler.

There was soccer practice.

On a fun note, though, we threw Coach Washington a surprise birthday breakfast party!

I know, excuses, excuses.  So the exercise didn't happen at all unless you want to count trekking back and forth from my classroom to the office at school.  And that leaves me out of breath!

How did I do with food?


Not good.  I bought oranges, but didn't eat them.  I haven't had any soda.  I did eat three salads this week, but there was also a cheeseburger and fries lunch.  My coworker wanted to buy me a belated birthday lunch.  Who was I to say no?!

However, in terms of keeping up with my Lenten goals, I've done really well!  I pray every morning, I read every morning, I've made the bed (not today because Eric was still in it!), I've been with my kids, I've sent out praise to the kids in my class, and I've tried my best to show Eric a lot of respect.

 I made no progress in health and fitness.

But there's always next week!

I need to focus on this next week!

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