Sunday, March 1, 2015

Daily 4C - Week 9

The week started with the championship game for State Cup.  Then it was back to regular stuff: namely soccer practice!

Day 53 - Pumas took 2nd place in the State Cup Championship game.  It was a nail biter that went into overtime and then into penalty kicks.  Unfortunately, we lost on PK's, but the boys played with such heart and spirit.  It was a great game!

Day 54 - We were supposed to be at two different soccer practices tonight, but then a big rainstorm hit today and canceled all the practices!  My heart was NOT broken!  I needed a night at home.  If Eric is anywhere near the couch, Harry can surely be found close by...usually up by Eric's neck!

 Day 55 - Eric and Evan went on a field trip to the San Jose Tech Museum.  Eric always goes on the "big" field trips.  Hudson and I enjoyed our time together at home.

 Day 56 - Back to soccer practice.  That light in the distance isn't the sun.  It's one of the lights we turn on to be able to see!  However, with the sun setting later and later, it has made for some really pretty skies.

 Day 57 - Oh look!  We are back at soccer practice...again!  Story of our life.

Day 58 - Lent equals fish sticks and tater tots.  It makes for a super easy meal at least once or twice throughout the season.

Day 59 - Hudson's team had a mini play date in Lemoore on Saturday.  They won the first game and lost the second.  I laughed when the coach yelled, "Hudson, I need your leg!  Take the corner kick!"  He does have a strong kick!

Hard to believe we are about to start week 10 of the year.  Hard to believe we are about to be in March.  Time sure does fly.  

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