Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pictures of Hudson

Yesterday, Hudson and I hung out at the soccer field while Evan had PDP (Player Development Program) practice.  It's an elite soccer program that Evan had to try out for.  They meet once or twice a month for in depth training.

While Evan practiced, Hudson and I took pictures and played silly games such as "slap the hand," "ride on mom's legs and fall," and "grab mom's hand and fall."  Riveting stuff.

We did laugh a lot, so there is that.

 It was a beautiful day in the evening, but it got pretty chilly and windy.  And my allergies kicked in.

 Evan is way out there beyond that soccer net.

 Contemplating life...or wondering what's for dinner.

 Hahaha!  I'm not sure what he's doing with his lip!

The picture where Hudson ran out of the frame.

Once Eric got home from work, we swapped places and I went home to cook dinner.  Cilantro rice bowls with chipotle marinated steak.  Yum!

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