Saturday, March 14, 2015

Track Meet

We had a track meet for both boys this morning.  Luckily, the boys finished all three of their events before 1 p.m.  It wasn't as long of a day as it could have been!  I'm glad because it was starting to get warm

Hudson did the long jump, shot put and 400 meter race.  He won 2nd in the 400!

Evan did long jump, high jump, and 400 meter.  He got 7th in long jump and 2nd in the 400.

I took lots of pictures with the school camera for the yearbook, but didn't take any with my phone.

Evan went with his friend for a birthday sleepover, and Hudson spent the day with us.  A few hours in the sun, and I was wiped out.  Eric and I came home and took a nap!  I miss naps!

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