Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Half Day

Every first Monday of the month our school has a half day so that teachers have an opportunity for a staff meeting and staff development.  A few weeks ago I promised the kids that I would take them out to lunch on the next half day.

 I had to speak to a few parents after school, so the kids waited for me in my classroom and played games on the computer.

I was hoping to go somewhere tasty. They chose Subway.  Seriously?  Subway?  I could have gone for pizza, Chipotle, Deli Delicious or anywhere but Subway.  But on a positive note...it was close and fairly cheap.  And the kids were happy.

 Ham and bread for the small one.  Hot pastrami for the big one.

It was fun taking them out to lunch.  It was also funny because both of their teachers showed up at the same place for lunch!  You can just see the edge of Sister Monica's blue habit on the right side of the photo above.

After lunch Evan wasn't feeling that great, so I put him on the couch in the sick room at school to rest while I went to my staff meeting.  A few hours later and we were home.  A quick trip to the grocery store, dinner, and homework rounded out the evening.  Soccer practice was canceled again because of a downpour earlier in the day.

And we had THIS for dinner.  Cheeseburger meatballs were pretty tasty, and Eric really seemed to like them which makes me ridiculously happy!  I really like it when I cook and my family likes what I make!

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