Friday, March 27, 2015

Hang on Til April 9

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  School, WASC, yearbook, soccer and upcoming surgery are all piling up in my brain leaving me pretty useless in the evenings.

WASC takes place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Easter break starts on Friday.  And the yearbook is due on April 9.  If I can make it til April 9, I've got a good shot of staying sane through the end of the year!

Here's some random things we've been up to lately.

Ugh!  All the pictures uploaded in reverse, and I'm too lazy to change the order. We'll start with last night!

 We were low on time and needed a quick dinner before soccer practice.  Chipotle dinner and a little super star eating with us.

Every year I take the 8th grade class across town to Holy Spirit church to attend the Chrism Mass.  It is my favorite Mass of the year where the Bishop of the Diocese of Fresno blesses all the holy oils that are used in the sacraments throughout the year by the churches.

 Traditionally, this Mass should take place on Holy Thursday (next week), but Holy Week tends to be REALLY busy for the priests and the Diocese is quite large (Bakersfield to Atwater), so this Mass is always held the Thursday before Holy Week.

 You can see all the priests in the background.  They all gather for this Mass to recommit to their calling.  I love watching them all walk in.  Some are very serious.  Some are practically dancing.  And some are waving to their adoring fans!  It's pretty entertaining!  And talk about the cell phone cameras, iPads and video taking place through all this!  It's the Diocese's leaders all in one place!

 I restrained myself from taking a picture in the middle of Mass (even though I was itching to do it), but I couldn't resist getting a shot of Bishop Ochoa as he was about to leave.

After Mass he was gracious enough to get a photo with all of our kids.  He's very much like a celebrity!

Honest moment: I was pretty grumpy on Monday and Tuesday.  I tried to be pleasant, but on the inside I was really sad.  Not sure why...just stressed and busy.  Anyhow, I tried to perk up on Wednesday, so I wore the following outfit.

 And I ended up getting many compliments!  Nothing like a compliment to boost the mood a touch!

 On Tuesday, I was grumpy and feeling down.  I took pictures of my sad grey hairs.

 And of my sad and tired face.

 We had yearbook pictures on Monday of clubs and sports.  That was two hours out in the sun trying to organize children.  It was as fun and easy as herding cats!

 Um, okay.  We are back to Thursday night dinner with Hudson the movie star.

We had soccer practice last night, and while we were sitting there, I felt a bug fly in my eye.  Eric said he couldn't see anything but my eye was irritated.  So I took a picture to see if I could see it.  I think I see black at the bottom left portion of my eyeball.  Sorry for the weird picture!

I have to go to school today, but the kids have the day off.  The teachers are doing a massive preparation for WASC that starts on Monday.  It's kind of like showing off your Easter Best.  We want everything to look perfect.  Much easier to accomplish this when the kids aren't around.  Still, I'm procrastinating getting ready to go to work right now!

Final big push to finish the yearbook is happening this weekend along with one game of soccer and getting together with my family for our Easter celebration.  We always do it on Palm Sunday.

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  1. Yeah, WASC is finally here! Easter vacation and REST soon. Hang in there.....