Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Start to Easter Vacation

And yes, I call it EASTER VACATION, because that is what it is!  We are off for Easter, not spring break.  Sorry, feeling a bit sassy as I write this morning!  Working on a yearbook will do that to a person!

Here are some random things we've been up to lately.

We had a Friday off a little over a week ago to prepare for the WASC accreditation.  Let me got the day off.  Teachers had to work.  And boy, did we ever work!  The school looked fantastic!  I worked all day cleaning, preparing, arranging evidence boxes, and making sure all the little things were ready for the visit.  The boys?  They did a lot of lounging.

 Evan's first spring league soccer game in Merced.  I hide from the sun.  Kids lost 2-1 in the last minute of the game.

Then we stopped in Chowchilla to celebrate Easter with my side of the family.  Kids got to color eggs because Grandma is awesome and always has stuff like this ready to go.

We made this one take off his soccer uniform because he has a tendency to spill on it.  He's going for the manly look.

 Huddy and his fancy yellow egg.

 Getting ready for WASC is serious stuff!  I don't think my office has EVER been this clean!

 Usually, my desk is covered in piles of stuff to do.

The WASC team came to evaluate our school.  We did fantastic!  We impressed them.  We showed off all our best stuff.  We got great a great report!

In the middle of WASC, we still had to carry on with business as usual.  Since the visit coincided with Holy Week, we still had to prepare prayer services for Live Stations of the Cross and the Last Supper.

Gabriel was an amazing Jesus!  He was so reverent in playing the role of Jesus walking to his death.  Amanda and I got really ambitious this year and set the whole thing to music.  Let's just say that when Jesus was hanging on the cross and the song "Let It Be" came on, there were plenty of people crying.  I was sitting by the organ running the music with tears streaming down my face.

To listen to the version of Let It Be that we used, click HERE.  It will give you chills.  And if you can imagine Mary watching her son die and holding him in her arms, it just might make you cry as well.

Or, you can just watch the video right on this page.

It was a super emotional day for me.  After working so hard to make Live Stations a success, the Leadership Team (of which I am a part), got to read through the initial report from the WASC team.  It was such a huge relief to read that we did well.  Major weight off our shoulders.

I ended up coming home and feeling rather sick that night.  I was in bed at 7:15 and didn't wake up until 6 the next morning!  I think I was a bit emotionally and physically exhausted.

Before I fell into bed exhausted, I went out for a celebration with the teachers.  My children were a bit irritated with me.  They don't like being left at daycare for that long.  That day I didn't care.  I deserved to celebrate!  And they were safe and happy playing at school.

When I pulled up to the school to pick them up, they looked like monkeys in the zoo!

They were trapped, and I wouldn't unlock the gate until I got photos!  Because I am just that cruel!

We still had school on Thursday, but it was an easy day.  We watched the Last Supper prayer service and teachers went out for a yummy lunch all together.

 Later on Thursday we had soccer practice.  I hung out with my 16-year-old friend, Sammy, and she taught me how to use Snapchat.  Because I'm hip and trendy.  In my own mind!

The boys and I stayed home yesterday except for driving down the street to have pizza for lunch.  I got a kick out of the brown dog using the white dog for a pillow.  It cracks me up that Bandit lets Harry lay on him like this!

Next up is finishing the dang yearbook!

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