Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Small Blogging Scale Back

To my seven readers: I appreciate you clicking on this little ol' website everyday to read my ramblings about whatever suits my whims.

I've been enjoying blogging everyday for the past few months.  I still intend to post everyday, but I need to scale back on the amount I'm writing and posting...just until April 9.

Yes, that is a very specific date.  It is the date that the yearbook at school gets sent to print.  I design the yearbook.  I need to get cracking.  Like really cracking.

That doesn't leave much time for me to do much else.  Not that I spend hours and hours on blogging (remember...it's just my ramblings!), but the time I do spend needs to be spent on this project for the next month.  I really can't spare many minutes.

I'll probably put up a photo or two, just so you don't forget what we all look like!  Wish me luck on this project.  It eats me alive every.single.year.  I love how it always turns out, but it ain't easy!

Yesterday's happenings:

I had to cover a small group session with the boys in my class yesterday.  It was a last minute change, so I wasn't quite sure what to cover, so I let them have free time.  Plus, only six of my nine boys were at school.  They asked if they could play on the computers.  I said sure.

Then one of the boys said, "Hey, we should do IXL!"  And I said, "That is a great idea!  Do at least one section of IXL, and then you can have free time to play what you want."

IXL is a new online computer program that we have purchased for English and Math practice.  I really like the program.  I was super impressed with the boys, because four out of the six did IXL for the entire 75 minutes I was with them!  I took this photo of them all working hard on math.  Like I said on Facebook, it makes my heart sing to see all that algebra going on!

The boys got done with track practice and came looking for me in my office.  I was in the principal's office so I told them to wait for me.  I walked in to find them sharing a chair and a computer game.  I love seeing them this content with each other!  Oh, and they both got hair cuts.  My monkeys.

I just read something the other day that I love.  "Being a mom is like watching your heart walk around outside of your body."  I think that describes my feelings for these two perfectly.  There goes my heart!

And that was a small wrap up of today.

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