Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites - The Best Moments of the Week

In no particular order, these were the best moments of the past week.

 It was quite an ordeal to get into my eye doctor this year.  I canceled my first appointment due to a crazy schedule that popped up, I walked out of my second appointment, and I finally had the BEST appointment ever yesterday!

I am, by nature, NOT a confrontational person, but I knew something was up when they didn't call my name for over a half hour after my appointment time back in February.  Once they did the initial glaucoma test and reading of the eye chart, the nurse led me to a SECOND waiting room that was packed.  I stopped in my tracks and demanded to know how long this was going to take!  (VERY uncharacteristic for me, but by this point I was pretty irritated.  I see plenty of health care professionals who are on time, so it IS possible to keep to a schedule.)  The nurse came back and said they were running an hour and a half behind!!  Seriously?  I told her that was unacceptable and walked out.  I was pretty proud of myself.

Anyhow, I made a third appointment at the smaller office closer to my house...and it was perfect! (Why we have never gone there is beyond me!)  I was the only patient in the place, and I was in and out in 45 minutes!  I got a new set of trial contacts, and my contacts to last through the year should be arriving within 10 days.  Since I've been wearing my glasses for so long, I haven't had the need for a pair of sunglasses.  I drove myself straight to CVS and bought myself a new pair!  So very happy with the new office and doctor and sunglasses and contacts!

 This group of kiddos are some of the smartest kids at my school.  They are part of the Academic Decathlon team at school and we compete tomorrow in the Diocese competition.  We have been practicing every week since September!  They have a logic test, individual subject tests, and a grand Super Quiz.  I am so excited to see how they do this weekend.  We had a celebration pizza dinner last night where the kids spent money playing video games and earning tickets.  They bought a toy truck that my partner teacher is going to decorate to place on their table at the competition.  Go Cougars!

 Earlier this week Hudson had a tummy ache.  Both of my boys are really good about not coming in the office unless they really need something.  I rarely see them throughout the day.  So, when Hudson came in to my office with his stomach hurting, I knew he wasn't faking it.  There wasn't much I could do.  He wasn't nauseous, he didn't need to poop, he wasn't hungry.  I ended up holding him for a good 15 minutes while rocking him in my chair.  I think I enjoyed the moment more than he did.  It was nice to check out for a bit and simply comfort my baby.

 I'm still overjoyed at the cleanliness of the garage.  It feels sooooooo good to purge so much unneeded and unused stuff out of our life.

I took these two monkeys to lunch on the half day on Monday.  It was fun being with them for the lunch hour.  You can see both of their teachers in the background!  Evan's 5th grade teacher is in the blue skirt.  She used to be a nun!  She also used to be the principal of the school.  Hudson's teacher is Sister Monica in the white skirt.  They were both so cute ordering their Subway for a special treat.  I think my boys are so used to having priests and nuns in their life, that it doesn't phase them too much to see them out and about like "real" people!  I gotta admit, however, not growing up Catholic, it still makes me do a double take when I see one of the sisters in her habit driving down the road!

Those were the sweet and favorite moments of the week.  Fingers crossed that my team does well at the Academic Competition and then I plan to REST on Sunday!

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