Sunday, March 15, 2015

More Track Photos

We were at the first track meet of the season yesterday.  The boys signed up for track to stay busy after school and to enjoy a little cross training from soccer.  However, it is likely we won't make most of the meets because of soccer games.  It was nice to be able to participate in this one.

Hudson's long jump:

 For some reason, he slowed down as he got near the dirt pit.  I love it that I caught him in mid jump!

Evan's high jump:

 Evan was bummed that he didn't place in the high jump, but I had to remind him that this wasn't exactly his sport!  Still, he's fiercely competitive and wanted to shine.

Evan's long jump:

Evan did well in the long jump tying for 7th place.  Weird story: the man passing out the ribbons only had a 7th and and 8th place ribbon instead of two 7th places for the tie.  He gave our coach the 8th place and told her to give it to Evan and tell him it was really a 7th place.  Huh?  What 10-year-old wants an 8th place ribbon when he earned 7th?!  Not a huge deal, but I thought rather poorly carried out.

Hudson's 400 meter race:

Huddy ran like a little speed demon and got 2nd place!  He said his face looked like he was in pain in these photos because he couldn't breath!  He was so proud of this race.

Evan's 400 meter race:

Evan had great form and earned 2nd place in this race.

We were very proud of the boys today!

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