Thursday, March 12, 2015

Night Without Dad

Eric had to do some updates on the phone system after hours at work.  Very after hours.  I'm writing this at 10:20 at night, and he's still not home.  I just got a text from him saying it will be at least another hour.

We don't like it when Eric isn't home.  But I have to say, the kids were pretty good for me tonight.  They played outside, watched cartoons, and worked on homework.  We watched a few shows together and they went to bed without a fuss.

Oh, how I hate this book.  As a teacher, it's a great book.  As a's my nightmare.  I had to check answers for him tonight.  How am I supposed to know if a word is negative, neutral, or positive?  Sheesh!  This is why algebra is the best subject EVER!

Now I'm working on letters of recommendation for students who are applying for scholarships.  I really hope some of my kiddos get money for school.  They are so deserving!

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