Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

This has been my favorite this week:

Folgers Vanilla Biscotti K-cup coffee with Caramel Creamer and two Splenda.  There has been something going on every day this week: Monday was PDP soccer practice, Tuesday was Pumas soccer practice, Wednesday was the longest day ever on a field trip, Thursday was a First Communion meeting, and blessedly today there is nothing.  This coffee has been my friend.

That cup is also my favorite.  I love my Doxie cup that my partner teacher gave me for Christmas!

Speaking of Dachshunds, they are my favorite type of dog.  I love my little wiener dog.

I don't like it when he pees or wraps himself around my ankles while I'm sleeping, but I love him.  He's a sweetheart of a little dog.  Harry just wants to be loved!

Another favorite is the app on my phone that lets me borrow books from the library without ever having to leave my house.  I'm in the middle of this book which is about a Chinese boy during WWII who has a best friend who is a Japanese girl.  She and her family get sent to an internment camp.  I love being able to access books for free on my phone or iPad.

In keeping with the theme of learning about WWII history, we are going to visit Manzanar this July on our way to our nephew's wedding in Mammoth.  Manzanar was one of the internment camps that housed thousands of Japanese during the war.  I read a book called Farewell to Manzanar a few years ago for Academic Decathlon, and I've always wanted to see the site.  I'm excited for the visit in a few months.

Looking forward to a weekend of yearbook making, gym, and soccer.  Two more weeks until Easter Vacation!

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