Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - Basketball Tournament and Dinner Dance

We don't get a ton of rain here in Central California, so when the weather gets cloudy and drops liquid from the sky, I LOVE it!

We got home from school on Friday just beating the rain.  Hudson rode around on his bicycle until the drops started to get him.

 I love how the sky looked from my driveway.

 Hudson races around the cul de sac on his bike.

 The weather was pretty warm for a storm.  We usually have rain mixed with cold weather.

 He actually needs a bigger bike, but he's making do with this one just fine for now!

 Just a blur of energy!

 He's learning to do "tricks" by jumping on and off the curb.

 Handsome boy.

I love the angle he's got rounding the corner.

 A pose for mom.


On Saturday morning, no one seemed particularly in the mood to get up.  Bandit's little face was so sweet buried in the blankets.

 Buddy makes himself at home on Eric's pillows as soon as Eric gets up.

 After forcing ourselves to get up, we went to the JV Basketball Tournament.  Hudson likes to warm up with the team.

 They boys came back from a deficit to win the first game, but lost their second game.  That was a bummer, because if they had won the second game as well, they would have been guaranteed to play for at least 3rd or 4th place!  Oh well.  They tried hard and played well.

 Hanging out between games.

 It happened.  The germs from the 15 sick junior high kids finally worked their way into my system.  I woke up feeling cruddy.

As usual, Small One travels with his headphones and tablet.

 Getting to the gym early means you get to sit up top where there is a wall to lean against.

 Sweet boys waiting for their next game.

 Evan (15) and his best friend Isai.  And little brother!

 It was a long four hours in the gym.  Shenanigans like this one occurred!

Hudson loves his daddy.

 I tried to experiment with the settings on my phone and accidentally took 38 pictures of my shoes!  I think I'll only share one!

 Yeah, still not taking great photos with my phone.

 We went to Panda for lunch and brought home a friend.  He and Evan look like they could be brothers.

 I came home and took a nap, trying to shake this cold.  Then we got ready for the school dinner dance.  I got a lot of compliments on my dress.  It's the same dress I've worn to the last four fancier functions I've attended!  I don't like to shop!

I swear, the husband and the children make the same faces in my photos!  Anthony and Paula joined us at our table after dinner.  We had a ton of fun laughing and talking.  The live auction was a huge success and brought in nearly $10,000 for the school!  Someday, we will be able to fling that auction number into the air because we'll be debt free and able to give like crazy.  I dream about it!

I tried to go to Urgent Care on Sunday morning at 7 a.m., but they didn't open until 9. I drove home, went to Evan's 3rd basketball game in the tournament (they lost so we were done), and then tried Urgent Care again when we got back home.

It was pretty crowded and I sat in the waiting room for about an hour and a half.  It didn't matter though, because I knew I was feeling bad enough to need medicine.

They called me to the back, checked me out, and five minutes later I had a steroid shot to help dry up the cough and a prescription for more steroids, antibiotics, and nose spray.  Hoping the meds work quickly.  Bronchitis is not fun.

As hard as it was to sit in the waiting room for that long, I'm glad I have medicine, and I'm glad I didn't have to bring the kids with me.  I felt bad for one lady who had a baby with her.  Sitting in waiting rooms with kids is the hardest!

The rest of the day was spent folding laundry and resting.  The kids mostly played video games, and Eric took a nap.

Hudson squished himself into the space between the couch and the coffee table to watch his tablet.  Apparently, Buddy was interested in the show as well.

Shorty after we all headed to bed.

I'd say it was a good weekend, but that's not quite true.  Sickness...bad.  Losing the tournament...bad.  Evan was pretty emotional about the last game.  The dinner dance was fun, but I was tired and achy, so it was hard to be upbeat.  I anticipate this week to be rough, simply because I'm trying to get over the germs.  It looks like a lot of early bedtimes ahead for me.

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