Sunday, February 15, 2015

Daily 4C - Week 7

It's my birthday week!  Actually, Eric has been spoiling me all month so far, so it's been good!

Day 39 - The week didn't start so hot.  I spent an hour and a half at Urgent Care and was diagnosed with bronchitis.  I got a steroid shot in the butt to clear my lungs, steroid pills, antibiotics, and a nose spray.

Day 40 - I ended up taking Hudson to the doctor today.  He was coughing and complaining of a sore throat.  Best to get on top of it because his coughs turn into asthma very quickly.  I needed the sick day home as well and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon.  My cough and throat haven't let up yet.

Day 41 - After being sick all day and dropping the kids off at soccer practice, I was pretty much done, but I still needed to attend the joint School Board/Parent Club meeting at school.  I made sure to grab my pretty binder.  Something about a pretty binder that can help to perk me up, or at least make the job more fun!

Day 42 - It's my birthday!  I'm 40!  We had dinner at Japanese Kitchen.  And then I came home and died.  Not really, but coughing and wheezing kept me up most of the night, and I was a mess.

Day 43 - After staying home sick on Monday, going to school on Tuesday and overdoing it a bit on my birthday on Wednesday, Hudson and I are once again home, and I'm pretty sick.  I went to my regular doctor who started me on a whole new round of antibiotics, prednisone, nebulizer, advair, and cough syrup.  Sheesh!  I felt truly awful.

Day 44 - Still sick.  Nothing new, except for home nebulizer treatments.  Once I dug the machine and attachments out of the cupboard, I realized that we only have kid-type parts!  Fish mask it is.  Hey, at this point, I'll do anything to get medicine in me to feel better!

Day 45 - Today was Hudson's First Reconciliation.  We are so proud of Huddy, and he did a great job!  Handsome boy and blessed day.

I am hoping for more healing, a better week, energy, and motivation for the days ahead.  Tall order, but I think we can make it happen!

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