Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To Match or Not to Match?

I've started doing something a little odd the past few weeks.  

I don't bother to match my socks if I know I'm wearing my boots and the socks will never be seen!

A Valentine's Day sock and a Halloween sock.  Perfectly fine under boots, right?

I didn't start doing this on purpose.  It sort of evolved one day when I opened my sock drawer and there were no clean matching pairs in there.  I looked at the top of my dresser where all the unloved single socks live in hopes of finding their mate.  I thought to myself...no one will ever know if my socks don't match!

And I put on a purple Halloween sock and a pink Valentine's sock!  Oh the horror!

Except I secretly love doing it!  I feel like such a rebel!  And yes, I am just that much of a dork that this is what I consider rebelling!

The mountain of mismatched socks living on top of my dresser along with a bathing suit.

I didn't give it much more thought until one day at school, the Assistant Athletic Director, Kaitlinn, was working next to me.  She started telling me how she almost had a major emergency when she accidentally put on two mismatched socks.  She was so relieved that she noticed this before she walked out of the house.

I started laughing hysterically and pulled up my pant legs to show her my mismatch for the day!  She gagged and rolled around in her chair like she was dying.  And now I wear two different socks and CAN'T WAIT to get to school to show her and bug her!

Ready for the day.  This time they are both Halloween socks.  Does that count as "matching?!"

We expanded the sharing of this little quirk of mine with Coach Washington at school.  He also thinks I'm a freak.  In his words, he doesn't even like to wear a pair of socks if one is more faded than the other, even if it is the same pair of socks!  I think that is just a little OCD!

Coach was texting me some sports updates the other day and I wrote back that I was getting ready to leave the house and was picking out my mismatched socks as we speak.  He sent me this:

Ha!  I laughed so hard when I saw this!

No, I'm not really creative.  I think I'm innovative!  I am giving unwanted and lonely socks a new chance at life!  Or, I'm too lazy to wash and pair up my matching socks and just grab anything handy!

I've also tried to plead my case with Coach and Kaitlinn that sometimes the mismatched pair came in a set.  One pair was stars and the other stripes.  My argument so does not work with them.  They just shudder and look away!

I think I hang onto all the mismatched socks because I assume that the mate is living somewhere in my house.  I just haven't found it yet!  Because, seriously, how can a sock simply disappear?  It defies all the physics laws in the books.  I have a feeling my dogs are to blame for some of this mystery.

Until spring and shorts weather arrives, I'll probably keep on doing what I'm doing...and torturing my coworkers in the process!

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