Thursday, February 19, 2015

Forcey Life

Recovering from sickness, getting back into the new week, preparing for soccer State Cup this weekend, and getting ready for a WASC review at school have kept us busy.  Here's some of the stuff we've been up to since the weekend.

 My faithful companions while I was home sick last week.  The dogs LOVE it when one of us is home all day.

 I usually don't mind them being on my lap until I am ready to flip over.  Then it's a mass adjustment for all.

 Kid #2 is getting so big!  Look at those feet and legs!

 Evan enjoying his burger at Five Guys for Hudson's First Reconciliation lunch.

 These two mean the world to each other.

 Evan is very similar to me, so Eric usually knows how to handle him well!

 After lunch, we walked around the corner to get new shoes for Hudson.  See above photo where is feet are enormous!  What do you do when Dad is helping with the shoe-trying-on process and there's nothing else to do?  Um, take selfies with unsuspecting grumpy 10-year-olds!

 It was my first shower in a few days.  Gross, I know.  But I was sick.  Didn't want to move.

 First day doing hair or makeup.  Evan still doesn't know he's being photographed.  Ha!

 Prima donna was having a hard time choosing a shoe.

 He wanted Pumas.  They didn't have Pumas.  I think he ended up with Converse.

 Yes, that was what we got.  It was between that and the Vans.  I liked the Nikes, myself, but I'm just the mom.

 My upper arm looks skinny...for once!  Angles are everything!

 This one will still take selfies with me.  For now, anyhow!

 Coloring aside, I swear he's my kid!

Goofy close up!

 Now look pretty!

 Rude!  It's not nice to cover up your mom's face!  He was trying to hit the picture button.  He didn't realize I was using the side button to snap the pictures.

 Aaaaand he's realized I'm snapping photos and wants no part of it.

 Difficult child!

 Then we took off to a friendly soccer scrimmage for Evan.  Mexican corn, anyone?

 Evan relaxing a bit before the game.

 Oh, sweet boy with a feisty temperament.

 Middle defense.

 Hey!  Lookie there!  I actually got a photo with both the kid and the ball...and it's not blurry!  It's a soccer mom miracle!

 And another!  I must have had the cell phone photo Gods with me that day.

 At least he wasn't ducking from this photo!

 Chipotle for dinner care of a birthday gift card!

Hudson wanted me to post a picture of his new shoes.  They aren't my favorite, but I don't have to wear them.  He seems happy.

Sunday was the first day in a week that I woke up with energy.  Got a few loads of laundry done, grocery shopped, made lunches, got stuff ready for the week, and watched my junior high girls kick butt in basketball.

The one with the ball is my birthday twin!  She is amazing!

Sank it!  The girls beat the other Catholic school 29-5.  They moved onto the final round on Sunday night.  And WON!!!  It was a whole lot of fun watching them play!

 The weather here has been gorgeous, so I went outside to read and watch Hudson ride his bike.

 Pretty sky.

 He's into tricks lately.  He also likes climbing the tree in the side yard and getting waaaaay up into the branches.  It freaks me out.

He's outgrown this bike and we need to think about getting him a new one.

 I know I'm always taking annoying pictures of the dogs, but sometimes they are just so funny and cute.  Harry's head peeks out from the same colored blanket as his body.

 Harry's skill is being annoying.  He is steadfast in his refusal to get off of a lap, and eventually he wears us down with his persistence.  Case in point, he's on Eric's lap as I type this, even though Eric has shoved him off multiple times.  Maybe we should all take a lesson from Harry in never giving up on a goal!

But look how cute he looks!

And I wouldn't want to leave Bandit out of the photo show!  He was smart and snuggled up next to Hudson with the warm blanket on Monday morning.  This is how Hudson (and Bandit) spent the better part of his morning.

Yet another photo of the boys and me driving to soccer practice on Tuesday afternoon.  I actually intended to stay at the practice and help with tryouts, but that plan was quickly changed.  Evan forgot his soccer shoes and was heading into virtual meltdown.  Normally I wouldn't fly in to rescue, but it wasn't just any old practice.  It was tryouts.  I got back in the car, drove 20 minutes home, grabbed the shoes (and some chips and salsa!) and drove 20 minutes back.  Evan got in a good hour of practice.  I wasn't helpful with the tryouts, but I saved my kid some angst.

I had a followup appointment yesterday at the doctor.  I am feeling tremendously better compared to last Thursday and Friday.  So amazing how poor health can affect every aspect of life.  My lungs are still a little junky, and the doctor said to expect to be coughing for another week or two.  I'll stay on an inhaler for another two weeks, be off for two weeks, and then he'll check me one more time to make sure I'm back to good breathing!  What a mess!

And now I'll be praying and keeping fingers crossed that we all remain healthy through the end of the school year!

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