Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - Spelling Bee and Super Bowl

It was a busy weekend.  However, I feel like I'm always saying that!  We were supposed to be at a soccer tournament this weekend, but it got canceled.  That meant there was time for soccer practice, a spelling bee, basketball, Mass and a Super Bowl party!

On Saturday morning, Eric and the boys left early for Evan's basketball game.  I left a bit later to head to the Non Public School Spelling Bee (in other words the spelling bee for all the Catholic schools and a few other private schools).  Many of our teachers volunteered to help the event run smoothly.
Rosa (in blue) apparently hates being photographed, but she was the main teacher in charge of the bee.  Gaby (in white) is the third grade teacher, and was there to help.  I ran a morning spelling test and then was the Spelling Master.

Yes, it is as important as it sounds.  Just kidding!  The title means I read the words out loud while the top five spellers in each grade battle it out on stage.  I try so hard to pronounce each word correctly and without sounding stupid!  I've been doing this for several years, so it doesn't make me as nervous as it used to!

The 6th grade parents had an amazing snack bar to raise money for camp.  I had a breakfast burrito.  They were also selling bacon and onion hot dogs!  Yum!

Isabella and Gabriela are sisters who were both in the bee.  Isabella (taller one) moves on to the county bee in March.  We are so proud of her!

 I got home, changed clothes, and we went off to the JV girls basketball game so I could get a few more photos of them for the yearbook.  I was pretty wiped out at this point of the afternoon.

 Miss Solinsky coaches the girls.  I cracked up when I heard her ask a girl, "Are you ready? Is that your ready face?"  Ha!  She's too funny!

After the game, we made a quick trip to Target so I could buy this book and some candy.  Loved the book.  Read half of it on Saturday night and finished it on Sunday morning.  It was neat reading about some of the behind the scenes details that happen on The Bachelor.  Reading the book made me love Sean and Catherine even more.  And of course I'm a little obsessed with Sean's sister, Shay and her blog.

When I woke on Sunday morning, I did something that I said I'd NEVER do.  I went grocery shopping in my pajamas.  Yes.  I did.

I had a good reason for doing it!  I wanted to get shopping done before Mass and Super Bowl.  I needed to shower, so I didn't want to put clean clothes on a dirty body.  And I was too lazy to care!  I just pulled my hood over my head, zipped through the store, and got out of there as fast as I could.  I also did it because it was 7 a.m.  I probably wouldn't have been in pj's later in the day!

Parking on the school black top and heading in to Mass.  It was the first Sunday of the month Mass that the school kids prepare.

The 8th grade girls sang a version of Hallelujah for the communion meditation song that made me tear up.  I really love this group of girls and will be sad when the graduate in May.  Ack!  It is going to be May before we know it!

For the third year in a row, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Elbow Room in Fresno for a Super Bowl party.  It's great because there are appetizers and dinner and dessert all day long!  We got there at 1:40 and ate straight through until 7!

I cracked up looking at the kids' table.  Every one of them was on a tablet/phone/gaming device of some sort!  You can see a corner of the giant tv in the background.  The kids weren't paying all that much attention to the football game.

We like Cowboys and Chargers, so we weren't invested in either team overly much.  However, Eric doesn't like the Patriots, so we were officially rooting for the Seahawks.  I can't believe the way they lost the game at the end.  Ugh!

I was so very tired after getting home.  Eric and I went to bed pretty early.  My allergy medicine helped knock me out pretty well.  I don't feel like we had much time to just lounge around this weekend, and next weekend won't be much better because we'll be at State Cup semi finals for soccer.  What's that old can sleep when you're dead?!

I'm only teaching for an hour and a half this morning, and then I'll be going home to get Eric to take him to his endoscopy.  It's another step in the process for him to have his gastric sleeve surgery.  It's all getting very real, very fast.  I'm proud of his confidence and determination in taking such a bold step to create a healthy life.

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  1. Phew! Sounds like a busy weekend. Good luck to your son in State Cup!!