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Weekend in Review - Hudson's First Reconciliation

Hudson received the sacrament of First Reconciliation on Saturday.  It was such a special day for him and our family.  I am so grateful and blessed to be in a place in life where we can share our faith with our children, with others, and watch them grow in Christ.  Sharing this story is a wonderful way to start the week.

 Getty ready with pizza for breakfast and his always present tablet.

 Oh that face!

 And those eyes!  He kills me with those eyes!

 He got a little grumpy (or nervous?) right before leaving the house and wouldn't smile.

A few weeks ago Hudson told me that he was nervous about his confession because he didn't want Father Robert to be mad at him.  It opened up a good conversation between us about how Father Robert is acting through God and the Holy Spirit to forgive all of our sins.  I'm not sure he believed me, but it was a good chance to talk about feeling clean after confession.

 I had to resort to my "bad mom" tactics of using inappropriate potty language to squeak a smile out of him.

 Posing on a rock outside the church.

 Too bright, Mom!

 Casual dude.

 How is it possible that my baby is old enough for this milestone?  Sniff.

Two brothers.  I don't think any of the two of them together in these photos had them both looking good at the same time.  It was one or the other!

 Evan - good.  Hudson - strange face.

 Who knows?  This may have been the best shot of the bunch, and I went and cut off their heads!

 Hudson - good.  Evan - eyes closed.

 Evan - good.  Hudson - strange smirk.

 The boys.

 Mom and boys.

 My Valentines!

 Waiting for the service to begin.

We are blessed in sending the boys to Catholic School for many reasons.  One thing I really like is that the 2nd grade class gets to enjoy private First Reconciliation and Communion services!  It's a nice little perk!

 He was nervous and kept twisting the program around.

 My baby and me.

I know in many protestant churches, the sacrament of confession is not practiced.  I grew up Lutheran and did not participate in confession until I converted to Catholicism.  One explanation for the belief in confession is this:

It is true that only God can forgive sin (on His own authority). But, God has chosen to delegate that authority. When a priest with faculties to absolve sin says the words of absolution during Confession, he forgives the penitent’s sins by the power and authority of Christ conferred to that priest through Holy Orders. The priest thus acts in the person of Christ (in persona Christi).
Christ delegated this authority to his priests much in the same way that any higher authority delegates its authority to its ambassadors and others who represent the higher authority.
In my own words, we simply do not believe that it is enough to be sorry in your heart.  There is the act of speaking the sins to God through the priest and then fulfilling penance (the consequences which usually include prayer).  These steps complete the circle of asking for forgiveness.

Just as when you wrong someone in your life, you can't get absolution unless you speak with that person and make it right...and then complete penance for what you have done.

He looked so serious as he sat before Father Robert to give his confession.  I could sort of see him saying the specific prayers.  So sweet.

It would not have mattered which priest he gave his first confession to, but in my heart I am secretly happy that he was able to give it to Father Robert.  This is the priest who baptized him as a baby.  Fr. Robert has been in Hudson's life from the start.

Receiving absolution.  Hudson told us later that he felt so happy.  He worked so hard on the Act of Contrition.  I love watching him grow in his love for God.

At the beginning of the service, some of the students recited a special prayer where they talked about how sin dims our light in the world.  They blew out candles to represent sin.  As each child confessed their sins, they went to the altar to pick up a candle and light it once again with the absolution of a clean heart!  Such pretty symbolism.

Doing his penance.  Hudson said he had to say three Hail Marys and an Our Father.  He was on his knees for quite a long time (some kids hopped up really fast!).  When I asked him about it, Hudson said that he wanted to make sure he was saying the prayers the right way!

Placing his lit candle representing a clean soul in with the others.

We love Father Robert!  Poor guy was suffering from the same type of cold I have.

After the service standing before all the lit candles.

 Ever present Mr. Dodd.  He's a great principal.

 Sister Isabel is such a special lady.  She is officially retired, but in the world of priests and nuns, that doesn't mean much!  She has taken quite a liking to Hudson and frequently shares stories with me about how kind and sweet Hudson is in the classroom.  As a mom, I truly appreciate it that she takes the time to share these things with me.

 These boys are blessed to have such caring sisters and teachers in their life.

Sister Monica was very proud of Hudson as well!

 Celebration lunch at Hudson's favorite place to eat...Five Guys!

One cheeseburger plain.  Nothing but meat, cheese and bun!

It was a beautiful service and a beautiful day for our little one.

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