Sunday, February 22, 2015

Daily 4C - Week 8

The start to week 8 was a good one!  It was the first time I woke up with any semblance of energy and motivation since getting sick.  I got grocery shopping done, a few loads of laundry, lunches prepped for next week, and we even went to see my girls win the basketball tournament.

Oh what a difference good health makes in my outlook!  I was praying to God prayers of thanks as I was driving home from the store.  I am thankful we have money for food and extras like orange cream bars, I am thankful for a car to take me to the store and back, I was thankful for beautiful weather (although I love the cold and would not turn down some more chilly days!), I am thankful for medicine and a doctor who treated my symptoms aggressively (even if I did spend days whining), and I am grateful for a long weekend with one more day to relax!  It was a thankful morning!

Day 46 - The four of us went to SJM to watch the Cougar Girls kick butt in the semi final round of the P.A.L. Tournament.  They are amazing to watch!  So much fun!  We went back later in the day to watch them win the tournament.  Awesome, athletic, and talented kiddos!

Day 47 - President's Day means no school, no work, plenty of lounging, and Dad making French Toast for breakfast.  The perfect kind of morning!

Day 48 - The 8th graders had their historical figure presentations today.  They did a great job!

Day 49 - Ash Wednesday.  It's pretty easy for me to receive my ashes each year since I work at a Catholic school and we attend Ash Wednesday Mass!  Time for some Lenten reflections and prayers!

Day 50 - Hudson and I hung out for a bit at Evan's soccer tryouts.  He isn't really trying out since he's already on the team, but there were some new kids there.  It's a formality.  Hudson played on his tablet, because what else would he be doing?!  He did get up and play with another little brother for a bit.  Eric and I walked some laps around the soccer field and got to talk uninterrupted, so that was a really nice part to the evening.

Day 51 - We needed to take the van into the shop this morning, so Coach Washington picked the boys and me up from there to take us to school.  It's always cool to ride in Coach's car!

Day 52 - Heading to Modesto for the State Cup Semi Finals.  We ended up winning the game 3-0!  It was awesome to watch.  We head back tomorrow for the championship game.  So exciting to watch the boys work so hard and earn top rights!

It's been a good week.

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