Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

I am so happy for this three day weekend, especially since two of the three days were taken up with the season end basketball tournament.  A day off today is greatly appreciated.

On Saturday morning, Eric headed out to watch Evan play with the varsity team for their first game while I went to the First Reconciliation prayer service for our second graders at school.  Such a sweet prayer service and so special to watch the little ones receive the sacrament of reconciliation for the first time.

We had time in between basketball games to come home and relax for a while.  The dogs are generally not allowed in the retreat (hence the fence), but Harry can't stand it when he can't see us.  There are two dog beds: one by Eric's side of the bed and one underneath the mirror by the bathroom.  Harry takes great care to drag either of the beds across the floor so he can see us sitting on our couch!  Strange dog.

He is such a neurotic little dog.

Apparently, the bed is still not in the "right" spot.

This is when he noticed me watching him and stopped dragging the bed.  Too funny.

We headed back to the gym to watch the second game in the tournament.  (The boys trounced the team in the morning 38-6 or something like that.  Evan had 8 points.)  He's number 15 heading for some water at half time.

This was a really tough game against St. Anthony's School.  It was a nail biter until the very end...and we won!!  It was really exciting, and the win guaranteed us at least a 4th place or higher finish in the tournament.

Our usual poses while watching basketball.

Saturday night was an easy pasta meal made in the pressure cooker, and a decently early bed time.  We got to lounge on Sunday morning because the semi final game was not until 12:20.

Back at the gym.  Same place, different day!

Same people!

We ended up losing to Our Lady of Fatima from Los Banos.  That was a bummer, but the kids played a great game.  We went out to lunch and headed home for an hour or so to rest.  Then it was back to they gym for the final game, playing for 3rd/4th place.

I realized as we were walking to the gym that the twins dressed alike for Valentine's Day!  I'm sure they didn't do it for the holiday, but I thought it was funny that they dressed exactly the same.

Turns out I accidentally dressed the same as well in black plants, a red and white striped tank top, and a red sweater!  I dressed for the holiday.

My handsome men.

The boys both got haircuts on Friday afternoon.  Evan really is caring about how he looks lately.  It's cute.

Even though Evan is easily a foot shorter than my 8th grade boys, he holds his own on the court and always contributes to the outcome of the game.

Evan is also starting to notice and not like the fact that he is short.  I'm guessing it bothers him at this moment because he is competing with much larger 7th and 8th graders.  We keep telling him that he will grow.  He is also at the young end of his grade.  He only turned 11 in September, and his best friend is turning 12 today.  That makes a big difference!  We keep encouraging him to use his skills and the height will come later. It's just been an interesting concern to watch Evan express, and a new one for us to try to help him maneuver. 

The boys played against St. Helen's and lost.  Again, it was a bummer, but they have grown so much as a team this year.  Coming in fourth in the final tournament was a great accomplishment!

Evan is in the second row next to the coach in the light grey shirt.

I'm very proud of Evan and all the boys.

It's going to be fun watching him lead his varsity team for the next two years.

Coach Nick Washington is the guy with his arm around Evan.  I tell ya, in the area of sports, besides Eric, Nick probably is one of the best influences on Evan.  Nick is a good friend and he and I share an office.  He's seen and dealt with all of Evan's ups and downs at school and has known Evan since he was 3-years-old.  We are so blessed to have great people at school who are helping to teach our kids our values and expectations. (Nick is also Evan's pre-algebra teacher and is a great motivator for him in math.)

My kiddo is not a baby all.  Sniff.

I'm going to miss this group of 8th grade boys next year.  It has been a unique experience teaching these kids and also seeing them from a mom perspective as I watch them interact with my child.  They are encouraging, accepting, and so all around good with Evan.  My heart swells each time I see one of them high five Evan, wrap his neck in their arm, or treat him like a true team mate. I am so grateful for this school.  

After the game, we went home, finished laundry, ate dinner, did dishes, and went to sleep.  I love a three day weekend.  It makes Sunday nights so pleasant!  Normally, Sunday evenings around 5 p.m. are my LEAST favorite time of the entire week.  That's when it settles in my brain all of the stuff I didn't do or need to do.  Monday mornings are fine, but Sunday nights are just blah.  But not last night!

I'm feeling really accomplished as I have made progress in my Bible study on the book of Daniel, continuing to read my Bible passages for each day, kept up with my Lenten readings/videos, and finished another book for the month of February reading.  It's funny how tv becomes so much less important as I want to read all the books!

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