Saturday, February 20, 2016

Daily 4C Feb. 13-19

Feb. 13 - Second game of the four game/two day tournament.  Evan (#15) is heading for water at half time.  We won the game!

Feb. 14 - Happy Valentine's Day!  My twins dressed like twins!

Bonus picture for Feb. 14 - The varsity boys basketball team won 4th place in the tournament.  Evan played great games!

Feb. 15 - Lunch date with my husband.  I love these new super fast pizza places that make personal sized pizzas in a flash.  I can get the toppings I want.

Feb. 16 - I have no clue why I took this really terrible photo, but it was the only photo taken on Feb. 16!  This was super early in the morning after the gym while I was enjoying my "me" time reading, doing my Bible study, eating my protein bar and drinking my coffee.  I do remember feeling very content that morning!

Feb. 17 - The stacks on my desk are endless.  I'm reading Hatchet because Evan is.  Let me explain...Evan does not like reading, but he needs to read. He saw Hatchet at Costco and asked me to buy it.  I did.  He likes it.  I'm reading a copy I found at school so that I can converse with him about the book.  Anything to keep this kid reading.  As you can see, there are a few more books in the pile for me!

Feb. 18 - I am in the middle of quadratic equation graphing hell.  It is really difficult to teach this type of algebra because there are so many dang steps!  I tried to break it down into 14 "easy" steps.  To keep our sense of humor about the task, I added "cry" as the last step in these problems!

Feb. 19 - Another day with no photo.  I need to take more photos even when I don't think the day is worth photographing. We went to school, came home, and did the start to the weekend routine of lounging on the couch!

Another short week ahead before heading on a trip.  Yay!

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