Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Oh mercy was it ever a crazy week and weekend!  Catholic Schools Week was great.  I'll be posting a complete wrap up of all the events later this week.

I was looking pretty rough on Friday.  It was a late night on Thursday with the Talent Show, and I was really tired. My little "fly away" hairs all around my head are lovely, don't you think?!

I helped with the Spelling Bee on Saturday morning.  Amazing what a shower, proper makeup, and a curling iron can do for a girl!  I took a bunch of pictures of myself sitting in the drive thru at Jack in the Box after the Bee.  I was happy because it ended early enough that I was able to race across town to see Evan play in the varsity basketball tournament.

Get in my photo!

This girl makes me laugh!  Kaitlinn was all decked out for the Fun Run.  Yes, we had a spelling bee, basketball, and a Fun Run all in one day.

Being goofy.  I'm glad I like the people I work with because it just makes life more fun!

Hudson played with his kendama all throughout the basketball game.  I guess it's a step up from his tablet.

Evan is the little short one on the left.  He made a basket in the first game.  I didn't see that game. He had some great assists in the second game and helped his team win first place in the tournament!

Heh!  Super close up!

I love stripes.  I love grey and white. I love silver jewelry.

Evan and his best friend, Isaiah, were both pulled up from JV to help with the varsity tournament. First place winners!

I made a quick appearance at the Fun Run. Then Eric and I went on a much needed date. We were getting up reallllly early for a 5K Run on Sunday morning, so the kids stayed the night with friends.  No kids for the night!

Tahoe Joe's for steak. This is the restaurant we went to as Eric's "last supper" before his weight loss surgery last April!  We both had plenty of left overs. 

Then we went to Target because I needed one thing.  These tank tops weren't the thing, but oh how I love the softness and new colors!

These Bobby pins weren't the thing!  I think 270 pins will last me a month or so.  I do not understand how I can "misplace" 90 pins.  But they slowly but surely disappear from my house.

These books weren't the one thing. Started The Choice last night.  Finished it today.  Oh my.  So good. So many tears.

This clear makeup organizer was the ONE thing I've been wanting and planning to buy.  All the other stuff mysteriously appeared in my cart. True story.

It all looks so clean and accessible!  I love it!

I stayed up late reading.  Then we got up early to go run a 5K in Hanford.  I was registered to run the half marathon, but I just didn't want to run that far.  Eric agreed to run the shorter distance with me.

Harry was content to stay in bed.

So was Bandit, and he needs a haircut.

Buddy had to say goodbye.

We left the house at 5 a.m. to get to Hanford in time to pick up our packets.  Lord, was it foggy.  Horrible, horrible fog.

This one was wondering what in the world he was doing out at 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning running three miles in 39 degree weather!

But we finished together and it was awesome!

I went grocery shopping at 1:30.  Ugh!  It was crazy busy and shelves were empty!  Then it was time to camp out on the couch, work on blog posts, and watch the Super Bowl.

Evan decided to join us for some football. 

It should slow down a little bit this week.  We only have two soccer practices, Ash Wednesday, a school board meeting, Academic Decathlon practice and my birthday before heading into another run next Saturday, First Reconciliation, and another basketball tournament! Slow. Heh. Riiiight!

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