Thursday, February 4, 2016

Life In General

I didn't do a weekend wrap up post this week, so I'm including pictures and happenings from all week long in this post.

On Saturday morning, we were up early for the JV basketball tournament.  Eric put a roast in the crock pot, but I realized we didn't have any cream of mushroom soup to pour over the roast.  I also figured we could use snacks at basketball, so I headed off to Wal Mart at  6:30 a.m!  It was dark!

And it was rainy.

We won the first game and then stuck around to watch our other JV team, our girls JV team, and finally our second game of the day.  We lost terribly.  Like 46 to 6 terribly.  It was very unusual for our boys to lose like that given the winning season we have had.  Oh well.  It happens.  Evan was pretty upset because it automatically dropped them down to try for no higher than a 5th place finish.

We were up and at 'em again on Sunday morning for the next round of games.

Hudson is quite content on his tablet.  He is secure enough in his masculinity to sit in the pink chair!

Evan gets ready to play.

Ritual selfie with Kid #2.

Evan is #23.  They really struggled in this game.  There was a kid on the other team that was easily 6 feet tall.  And I'm assuming in 6th grade.

The tall kid is on the right side.  He swatted balls left and right and made it really hard for our kids to drive in to make shots.

We lost. The JV season is over.  Again, Evan was pretty upset, but he'll be fine.  He's also going to help the varsity team with their end of season tournaments.

Hudson does his job of taking the recycles out to the green can. 

I was craving pizza, so after a few errands on Sunday morning, we had pizza lunch at Me N Ed's.

He saw me just as I snapped the picture and closed his eyes.

The rest of Sunday slid on by and I mentally geared up to begin Catholic Schools Week.  It's kind of like Homecoming Week with dress up days, themes, activities, and night time events.  It's crazy all week!  It's also a ton of fun, but it takes a lot of energy.

Monday was Pajama Day and Reading Night.  My partner teacher and I decorated the stage wall before the event.  The theme was "Reading Around the World."

I ran a paper doll station at Reading Night.  One of the kiddos made this adorable Messi doll.  (Soccer star for those who don't follow the sport!)  I loved this little doll!

Tuesday was Crazy Hat and Socks Day.  My 8th grade class got together with our Junior Kindergarten buddies to make more paper dolls and to have a dance party!  Most of my 8th graders wore their pajamas on Monday, but not as many of them were into Crazy Hat Day.  

I, on the other hand, went all out for Crazy Hat Day and wore my wedding veil and tiara!  And I LOVED it all day long!  I've worn the tiara for various costumes, but this is the first time in 13 years that I have worn the veil.  I need to find reasons to wear it because it was so much fun!

Hudson wore a witch hate.  Evan was too cool to wear a hat.  Whatever.  Kids asked me all day if I was getting married or if that was my real veil from my wedding.  I do not remember the veil being quite this poofy on my wedding day.  

*We stopped at Chipotle to get dinner before heading out to soccer practice.  Evan (being 11 and embarrassed by his mother) asked me to take the veil off before going in the restaurant.  I wanted to say, "Who cares what people think?"  But I am trying to be aware of his feelings and to put myself in his place.  I had to admit, if my mom had wandered around in public in a wedding veil on a random Tuesday, I'd have been mortified.  I took the veil off before ordering my chicken bowl.

Wednesday is Red, White, and Blue Day and Thursday is Twin Day and Talent Show Day.  We have much more fun to get through this week before having a spelling bee, basketball tournament and fun run all on Saturday!  I'll be able to catch my breath sometime next Wednesday!

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