Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: How to Win My Heart

I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals today to talk about winning my heart!

The number one way to my heart has to be communication.  Talking to me, letting me vent, responding with answers that make sense and show you are listening, and complimenting me are all ways that make my heart sing.

I'll tell you how my husband won my heart, though!

We met on Match.com 14 years ago.  Besides matching up on important stuff like family values and Catholic faith, I was impressed by his communication skills in email.  I'd write to him (and I tend to be wordy), and he'd write back an equally long note!  And he had good grammar.  And yes, I'm a total grammar snob and don't apologize for it!  I knew I needed a man who could write and talk.

The second thing that Eric did to win my heart was agree to let my dad go with us on our first date!  Yes, you read that right!  We met in the spring of 2002 right before Easter.  I was a pretty new Catholic at the time and my dad had agreed to go with me to the Easter Vigil Mass.  I had never been and wanted to experience this particular Mass.

On that Saturday, Eric and I were completing a phone call (we still had not met in person) and I wanted him to go with me to the Mass, but I was afraid to ask him if he minded if my dad went with us.  I worked up the courage to ask him to go with me and dad, and he agreed without any hesitation!

I think I swooned!

He showed up at the house, met me, met my parents, and off we went to church with my dad in the backseat!

I think that is the moment I fell in love.  A man that agrees to a dad on a first date, and a church date at that, is a man of integrity.  Also, we were 27 and 33 when we met.  Certainly past the ages of needing a chaperone!  However, it just meant so much to me that he didn't bat an eye at including my father.

There are so many things that my husband does for me on a daily basis that speak directly to my heart and soul.

Eric is an amazing cook!

He is so good to me.  He listens to me.  He remembers things I say. He protects me. He is a great father. He does laundry. He does dishes. He loves the pets. He games with the kids.  He cooks. He buys me stuff!

Even though this dog drives him crazy, Eric still loves on him.

Watching Eric interact with our boys can still bring tears to my eyes.

I truly think that Eric's love language is buying gifts.  I can casually say I want something, and the next thing I know, the item is arriving in the mail. I mentioned that I wanted wireless earbuds.  Not only did I get them, but he searched until he found purple ones because purple is my favorite color.

He really loves to buy things for me.  Recent purchases have included clothes, shoes, wireless speaker, makeup, and earrings.  Speaking of earrings, I couldn't decide on one or two colors, so Eric bought me every color offered!  He goes overboard like that, but it sure makes me feel special!

These little pink beauties showed up on Christmas morning.

Eric may not always understand my moods, he may wonder why I can't seem to remember anything, and he may think I'm just this side of crazy, but he loves me fiercely.

He's the one who will always have my heart.

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  1. I love that your dad was with you on your first date. :) How cool that your two favorite men are comfortable with each other.