Monday, February 1, 2016

February Goals

It's February!  The BEST month of the year!

For one thing, it's my birthday month!  I don't really do the celebrate all month thing, but I sure do like my birthday.  It's also Valentine's Day, and who doesn't love a pink and red holiday?  There's also a day off with President's weekend later in the month.  And what fun to have Leap Year this year!  I've always been fascinated with Leap Year. I wonder how many babies will be born at the end of this month?

We've got a whole lot of stuff going on this month: soccer resumes, Catholic Schools Week, my birthday, Valentine's Day, the end of basketball, two races, doctor appointments, a school convention for me and a family trip for all.

Even with all that is going on, I'd like to focus on a few goals for the month.

1. Read at least five books.
I'm already well into my first book, "Seven Miracles That Saved America."  One chapter in and I really like it.  I have also started a book on Mother Teresa, a trashy chick lit book, an organization book and two faith books that I need to finish.  If I just finish the books I started, I'll have over my five books read.

I am a chapter into this book and really liking it.  I found it after I read a book by the same author that I had to read for Academic Decathlon.

2. Write in my new journal.
I bought a cheap little journal today at Office Max.  While I view this blog as something of an online journal, I can't share everything here.  There are just parts of life that are private and not meant for the outside world.  I needed a space to write some of my innermost feelings and thoughts, while at the same time focusing on gratitude each day.

My new journal I bought at Office Max.  Honest feelings and expressions of gratitude await this little beauty.

3. Decide on a Bible Study
I need to research and narrow down an online Bible Study that I can participate in this month or at least very soon this spring.  I want to read something by Beth Moore, so I need to narrow down my choices and figure out how to join an online study.  I just need to make some time to do this.

One of the Bible study books I am interested in exploring.

4. Get to the next milestone in weight loss.
I've been losing weight oh so sloooooooowly.  I never used to believe people when they would say that it is harder to lose weight when they are older.  Mercy, do I believe it now.  It's taken me 9 1/2 months to lose 40 pounds.  That's about four pounds a month.  While I wish it was faster, I am certainly happy with the results.  I need to be better about pushing forward even when it feels like I've stalled.  Stay the course. Reach the next milestone, which is a number I'll share with my husband and my coach, but not online!

5. Task a Day
At the beginning of the year, I started this idea/project where I'd write down one task that needed to be completed the next day.  Then I would tack it to the frig as a reminder the next day to get that task done.  I stopped doing this mid way through January. The tasks are not huge or overwhelming (otherwise I'd never do them).  Instead, they are small things that I keep meaning to do but just somehow manage to ignore. Cleaning off a particular shelf or cupboard, taking donations to the drop off site, figuring out what to do with the empty vases in the house, and organizing my shoes are a few tasks that come to mind.  It's my goal to complete a task each day this month.

6. Start the Yearbook
I need to outline the pages, sort photos, and get moving.  As hard as it is to get started, if I could knock out a huge section of the book, I'd feel a lot better about life.

These six goals ought to give me plenty to do this month along with getting one year older.  I think I'm liking my 40's.  And now I need to figure out what I want for my birthday and where we are going for my birthday dinner!  I've got 11 days to figure it out!

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