Thursday, February 18, 2016

Life Lately

I read a saying recently that said, "The days go by slowly, but the years go by in a blink."  I can't agree with that more!  The day to day grind tends to wear me down until I can't find my way out of each day.  But then I look at pictures such as the sport photos below, and I can hardly believe that we have an 11-year-old and he is able to play varsity sports at school!  I can remember when he was toddling around my school as a two-year-old at Open House barely able to throw a ball, but trying mightily to do so.

The days pass by so slowly, but those years sure do fly by in a flash!

The end of the year varsity basketball tournament was the fourth time that Evan was able to play with the varsity team.  He played three tournaments and one regular game.  It was a rush as a mom to watch him compete and be effective against kids that are two years older than him.  All the boys have grown so much in their game this year.  So proud of all these kiddos.

It's definitely a unique year because the big boys are my students, and then I have extra pride in the team because Evan is playing with them!

Number 15 making his mark.

The basketball tournament consumed our weekend, but in a good way.  I say this a lot...watching my kids play sports is a true pleasure that I enjoy.  I don't always enjoy practice and travel and hot sun tournaments, but when it comes down to it, I LOVE watching my boys play in their games.

The kids don't like to hang out with us anymore, so Eric and I went out to lunch and "puttered" around at different stores on our Monday off of work.  He bought some new shirts and shorts, and I got some new makeup brushes to go along with the new makeup he bought me for my birthday.

Evan cleaned out Edward's cage, so he came to hang out with us for a bit in the retreat room.  I didn't really want a hamster, but Edward really is a cute little guy.

Really, the rest of our week is just the regular stuff: soccer, homework, grocery shopping (maybe), and falling asleep at 8:30 whenever possible!

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