Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up today with these ladies to share some favorite things from this week.

I love these soft Merona tank tops from Target.  They are so very soft.  I love the long length and wear one pretty much every day under my other shirts.  Loving the new spring colors.  Give me stripes any day and I'm a happy girl.

Eric and I went on a date last week and shared a blooming onion.  Oh so yummy.

It's hard to see it all, but I love so many things in this picture: the grey and white striped shirt, the white sort of striped sweater, the silver sparkly earrings, and the fact that it was a decent hair/makeup day!

I'm loving my new clear makeup storage case and colorful travel makeup bag.  I got them both at Target.  

I love having my makeup all tidy and in a pretty display holder.  I like being able to see it all at one glance.

I bought both of these books at Target.  Are you sensing a theme?!  When Eric and I go on a date, we do it up TARGET! I read The Choice in less than a day.  I finished The List in less than four days.  I really enjoyed them both.

One of my all time absolute favorite moments from this week...or even from this decade!  Seriously!  This photo was taken shortly after Eric and I ran a 5K together!  It was Eric's first 5K, and I was so seriously proud of him and all the effort he has put into improving his health.

I'm so thankful for my faith.  I'm always being given an opportunity to grow, to find redemption, and to give myself fully to God.  Ash Wednesday is a perfect time for reflection and repentance.

Thursday was my birthday!  I was thoroughly spoiled at school!

And I was thoroughly spoiled by my family.

It's been a week filled with favorite moments and fun!

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