Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Pinterest Pins

Good morning!  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals to talk about my favorite Pinterest Pins.

I'll start with a few of my favorite boards on Pinterest.  Not too long ago, I "decluttered" my Pinterest site and deleted several boards that I never use or even look at anymore.  What's left are my favorite pins and boards. I'm on Pinterest as Heather Forcey.

I started my Dress Professional board last year when I decided that my wardrobe needed a major overhaul.  I don't necessarily copy outfits precisely, but starting this board was a great way for me to narrow down my personal style and to help me envision how I wanted to look each day for work.

This look is probably closest to my personal work style.  Dress slacks, heels, striped shirt, sweater and jewelry.

I know you can't see all of me in this photo, but I was wearing grey heels, light grey slacks, grey and white striped shirt, white sweater, and silver jewelry.  I'm not sure I would have been able to put this outfit together a year ago.

My Recipes board is where I save all the recipes I want to try.  I should create a separate board of recipes I've tried and liked versus the ones I just want to try!  Later in my post I'll show you some of my favorite recipes.

My Christmas board is where I pin all the ideas I want to use in holiday decorating.  I should just title this my "In My Dreams Christmas" board because I don't actually put much of the ideas into practice.  However, I still love looking at the pretty pictures and thinking I might decorate like this in the future!

Wait!  I found one pinned idea that I actually used in my house!  I've always put a bunch of ornaments into a large vase, but this year I put a strand of lights into the vase as well!  Success!

Someday I want to have a large deco mesh garland hanging somewhere in my house.  Gorgeous!

My Fall Pinterest Board is one of the first boards I started.  It was when I finally understood the concept that is Pinterest.  I was a little slow on the uptake!  I love my Fall Board.  Here are a couple of decorating ideas I have used in the Fall based off ideas from Pinterest.

Scattered leaves and foliage.  One trick I got from Pinterest but is not shown here is using unpopped popcorn in all of my vases.  It looks so pretty!

Candy is also a great filler.  Funny enough, no one in my family touches the candy from this pumpkin.

Most of my fall decor was purchased at Dollar Tree.  I really don't need to spend a lot to make the house feel festive.  The upside down wine glasses were a Christmas Pinterest idea.  Again, not shown here, but I grabbed skinny branches from outside and put them in the big vase on the mantle with small plastic pumpkins scattered throughout.

I don't have a fall table runner, so I used a fall flag for the dining room table centerpiece.

I love my Fourth of July board.  I pretty much only decorate for three holidays: Fourth of July, Fall, and Christmas.  I put (or intend to put) my Fourth of July stuff out on Memorial Day and leave it out all summer until Labor Day.  Then I immediately pull my fall decorations out!  I love all the ideas on the Fourth of July board, but here is one that was pretty to look at, but had nasty consequences!

This project was easy to do and a lot of fun. I squeezed food coloring into a bag, mixed it with the rice, and layered the rice into a vase, stuck a pinwheel in and called myself the next Martha Stewart.  Little did I dream that once I put the decoration onto the mantle, that a steady stream of ants would find it!  I was stunned.  Some little scout must have really done his job to find a vase full of rice five feet up in the air.  I really liked the decoration, but I'm not sure I'll do it again due to the ants.  I don't know if it was a fluke thing or if I'd have problems each year.  Plus, there is a new housing development going in RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from us.  I'm just waiting for all the little critters to invade my house now that their habitat has been bulldozed.  I don't need to entice them into my home.

Lastly, I'll share some of my favorite pins in general, which means food.

Here are some great food pins we have loved.

One of my favorite roast recipes of all time!  It's called Mississippi Roast and I love everything about it: simple, rich, delicious, and crock pot.

Another favorite is this creamy mustard sauce.  We use it over pork chops, but I'm sure it would be tasty over any meat. 

One of my favorites that I discovered (or had the courage to make) last year!  Mango salsa.  Yum!  No one else in the house eats it except for me.  To which I say, "Good!  More for me!"  I even made it simpler by buying the pre-cut mangoes in the refrigerated section at my Neighborhood Wal Mart.  So easy.  I eat it with chips, crackers, steak, chicken, pork chops.  It's just the perfect topping for so many foods.

My last favorite pin is for this monkey bread. I used to make this long (8 hour) and fairly complicated bread for holidays, but I hate the process and dreaded doing it each and every year.  I found this monkey bread on Pinterest and have loved how easy and tasty it is.  Piece of cake!  It's our new holiday breakfast favorite.

It's been fun looking at pins on my boards.  It makes me want to start a whole new series of boards!

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