Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life Lately

I can only describe this week as feeling like the week before Christmas with all the anticipation and no motivation!  I am so excited to leave for our Disneyland trip that I am really having to force myself to keep up with normal life.  I just want the trip to be here.  But now it is!  We leave tonight!

In other news, Hudson learned how to swallow pills!  No more liquid meds for us!  It was a struggle at first, but he was so proud of himself.

Monday night I made red beans and rice.  It was tasty. Recipe HERE.

One of of my two office mates.

She was in a less than chatty mood, so I made faces at her!  She can thank me later.

Then she made a face back and I laughed.  Because I always laugh.

I think I see her smiling!

She loves me.  I annoy her, but she's okay with it!

I cleaned off the top of my desk.  Ahhhhh, feels so much better than the clutter.

I wore a lot of pink this week.

And some burgundy.  Love this oversize heavy sweater.  It's perfect to wear right now with chilly mornings and I take it off for the warm afternoons.

He looks a bit too cozy and possessive of my bed!  #jealous

I think he thinks he's cute.

Harry likes taking a selfie with me as much as the kids do!

So that's been the week other than work, one soccer practice, dinner, and packing.  Oh, I did make ham and cheese biscuit sliders drizzled with honey...and they were really good!  I should have taken a picture, but we ate them all.  Even Hudson cleared his plate!  That is a dinner win in my book!

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