Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sweet Memories Sunday

I'm reminiscing about our first family Disneyland trip because we are back at the Happiest Place on Earth right now! The boys on the Teacups.

I didn't realize it had been five years since taking the boys to the Mouse House, but it has.  Last year when I was on my 8th grade Disney trip, I felt that urge to plan a trip for the kids.  Eric and I have been saving (he's been working his tail off!) for this trip and we are staying for four days!

I am at a Religious Conference two days and Eric and the kids get to play all day.  I can join them in the evenings.  Then we have two days to play as a family.  We didn't go to California Adventure last time, so that should be a lot of fun for the kids to explore.  Lots of pictures to follow this week!

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