Saturday, February 13, 2016

Daily 4C - Feb. 6-12

Feb. 6 - Eric and I went on a date on Saturday night. We ate steak at Tahoe Joe's and then spent too much money at Target.  I love these layering tank tops.  They are so soft.

Feb. 7 - Eric ran his first 5K with me!  We finished in a little over 47 minutes, and it was great to do the run with him!

Feb. 8 - It was literally one of those weird days where I did not take a single picture other than to screenshot my food log!  It was just a Monday filled with school, payroll, dinner and laundry.  I'm not sure a picture could even capture all that fun! 

Feb. 9 - Hmmmm.  I didn't take a picture this day either!  I drove kids to an after school basketball game, then it was off to soccer where I swapped the kids with Eric, and then I had to go to a two-hour school board meeting.  I was seriously wiped out at the end of Tuesday.

Feb. 10 - Ash Wednesday.  #ashtag  (I love it when the person putting my ashes on gives me a good cross that lasts all day!)

Feb. 11 - Birthday picture!

Feb. 12 - This little cutie is one of our Jr. Kindergarten buddies.  She brought me a birthday present and came into the office to give it to me the day after my birthday!  Such a little sweetheart!

It was a fun birthday week!

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