Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Catholic Schools Week Wrap Up

We had a super successful Catholic Schools Week this year.  All of the teachers worked so hard to make the week a huge success!

Is she not the absolute cutest thing ever?  And she has a heart of gold.  And she's my partner in crime at school.  Thank goodness she understands me!

Monday night was Reading Night, and I manned a paper doll station.  This doll was one of my favorites!

Chloe and Miss Solinksy having fun at Reading Night.

Hudson and I had fun with Crazy Hat Day!  I'm surprised at just how much I enjoyed wearing my wedding veil all day!  It was really a lot of fun!

This picture cracks me up.  Hudson doesn't like to smile for photos any more.  So he gives me this face because he thinks it's funny.  Sometimes it is!

Crazy hats all over school!

The bunny and the bride.  Aren't we cute?!

The 8th graders colored and danced with our Jr. Kinder buddies.

Red,White, and Blue Day. 

This day is definitely where all of Grandma's shirts come in handy showing off our patriotic spirit!

Thursday was Twin Day.  I dressed up the same as Hudson wearing Pumas soccer gear.  Evan wasn't interested in looking like us.  That's okay.  We are cool and Evan doesn't even know it!  Thursday was also Teacher Swap Day where the teachers teach a lesson to a different grade.  I chose 6th grade so I could hang with Evan and his friends.

I did a Super Bowl activity and provided them with endless amounts of tortilla chips...because I am just that cool!

Then I tried to get Evan to take a picture with me.  Some attempts were better than others.

Eating chips and having fun.

He loves it when I take his picture!


As if all this wasn't enough, we had the Talent Show on Thursday night. The teaches always do some sort of a dance or a skit, and this year we did our very own version of Lip Sync Battle!  And it was awesome!

Nick is our athletic director, and he played the part of L.L. Cool J.  

Our principal played the part of Chrissy Teigen.  So pretty!

L.L. announced the upper grade teachers and we lip synced Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.  And we were amazing!

Kaitlinn played a perfect Taylor!

Unfortunately, the younger grade teachers lip synced Uptown Funk and the 4th grade teacher ended the dance with a round off.  That pretty much sealed the deal and the little kids in the audience lost their minds!  They screamed their heads off and the younger grade teachers won.  Darn.

Finally, the 8th grade students always perform a skit that we write that gently pokes fun at the teachers and themselves.  Jamie played the part of me and was phenomenal!  My favorite part was when he tottered around in wedges.

The Talent Show was so much fun!

We did not have a dress up day because we had Mass, but after church, we gathered on the blacktop to watch a presentation from the Clovis Police Department.  They set up a bike obstacle course and had kids volunteer to ride through the cones.  Both Evan and Hudson rode the bikes.

Like a boss!  This kid has been riding without training wheels since he was three...and I'm not exaggerating.

Then the police asked the teachers to volunteer and none of them would!  I said, "Sure!"  I owned that obstacle course!  It was fun to have the whole school yelling, "Mrs. Forcey, Mrs. Forcey!"  I didn't hit a single cone!

Later on Friday we had a rally to if we hadn't done enough of that all week!  Hudson wanted to wear his pom pom.

Finally, we all moved back to the blacktop for the annual Teachers vs. Student basketball game.  Teachers won as they ALWAYS do!  Evan got to play.  He did a great job and made a few baskets.

I love Evan's shirt!

Going up against the principal.

In the midst of the craziness on Monday, the 3rd grade aide threw a surprise baby shower for the teacher who is having a baby in March. When I walked in, they were playing hangman and Hudson got to come up with the next phrase for the game.

It was a successful and fun Catholic School Week!

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