Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sweet Memories Suday

This morning I attended the First Reconciliation prayer service for our second graders at school.  It is such a beautiful prayer service, and it brings tears to my eyes to watch these little ones confess their sins for the first time.

I was mainly there to take yearbook pictures and for moral support.  The second grade teacher did a fabulous job of preparing the students for the sacrament.

Of course, the service made me nostalgic for the two times watching my boys make their first confession.  Such special memories.

These were taken last year when Hudson's class had their First Reconciliation.  Such a little serious boy!

I wasn't putting the yearbook together back when Evan made his First Reconciliation, so I'm not quite sure where his photos are at the moment.  It's moments like these (when trying to search for specific moments and photos) that I kick myself for slacking on the blog over the years.  There are definitely some days that I don't want to post, but when I do that, one day turns into two and then into 30.  Pretty soon months have gone by and I could't tell you what happened.  

Oh well.  I can keep writing about our life now.

In any case, it was a beautiful prayer service, and I was very happy to be there this morning.

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