Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up - Sprained Ankle

Our weekend started out with a bit of a bump.  Evan sprained his ankle at basketball practice after school on Thursday.  He couldn't walk on it and it was pretty swollen.  

After elevating and icing it Thursday night, Eric took him to Valley Children's Hospital on Friday morning to get x-rays.  Thankfully, it is not broken, only badly sprained.

Meanwhile, Hudson and I went to school.  I promised him donuts on Friday morning.

Well, that's a lovely shot of the small one.  I love to sugar him up on donuts and send him to school!  Just kidding!  Sort of!

Meanwhile out at Valley Children's.  Evan had never been there as a patient.  Hudson was there as a baby with his chubby asymmetrical thigh creases and then again a few months ago when he broke out head to toe in a weird rash. (The thing with Hudson's thigh wrinkles not matching up is that it might have been a hip problem...turned out to be nothing.)

Ankles shouldn't be that large!

Resting with his old man slipper on the good foot.  He wouldn't let me put the slipper on the other foot because it hurt too badly.

X-rays.  Evan didn't like this because he had to turn his foot certain ways to get the proper shot and he said it hurt.

All bandaged up and ready to try out the crutches.

They made him practice walking a bit with the crutches.

He did laps back and forth across the room.

Eric and Evan were at the hospital for a couple hours.  Then they stopped by school on the way home.

Compression, ice, crutches, and ibuprofen for the next few days.

No more basketball for this one this year.

He wanted to show his crutches to Coach Washington, so he hobbled down the hallway.

He had to stop to rest a moment.  Walking with crutches takes effort!

After chatting with Coach, he was ready to go home and rest.  I wanted a picture with me.  I think we look alike here.

Eric was excited to take a picture with me, too!

We still went to the JV boys basketball game on Saturday so Evan could support his team and I could get yearbook pictures.  They had their first loss of the season.  It was hard to watch knowing Evan couldn't do anything.  Other than that, it was a super low key weekend.  And I needed that.

Some of the exciting things we did:
-grocery shopped
-watched football
-got gas
-bought protein shakes
-I got my nails done
-bought Evan an ankle brace
-read books
-washed clothes
-slept in (I really enjoyed this)

I'm gearing up for a full week of school before the chaos and fun that is Catholic Schools Week the first week of February.  That week includes dress up days, activities, spelling bee, basketball tournament, and exhaustion!  I need to appreciate this week, which is the calm before the storm!

*Evan started walking on his foot again!  He's being very cautious and gentle, but he says there isn't any pain.  Hopefully he'll heal quickly.

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