Monday, January 11, 2016

Found it...who knows why I didn't see it...Weekend Wrap Up - Getting Stuff Done

We had a really nice least I did!

I was going to cook on Friday night, but the kids got ice cream and hamburgers from McDonald's at 4:30, so we decided not to feed them!  Eric and I ended up with take out chicken rice bowls.  We called it a night in front of the tv.

Saturday was busy, but pleasant.  I managed to take zero pictures of the activities, but Hudson took a bunch of random and weird shots that I'll share.

Here's how Saturday went down:
-Evan's basketball game at 10 a.m. (they won by one point...still undefeated!)
-pizza lunch
-I went and got my nails done
-met the boys at Indoor Soccer for Evan's indoor game (easily won)
-I graded papers
-dinner with friends

And now for the onslaught of the most RANDOM set of pictures.

We took two cars to soccer because I was finishing up my nail appointment. Hudson rode home with me.  It had started raining before we started home, but driving east the mountains in the distance were gorgeous. The rain clouds hadn't reached the mountains, and the sun was glistening off the snow caps.  I wanted a picture. 

Enter Hudson.  Who apparently thought taking a picture of the mountains meant take a weird side shot of mom driving.

He did make me laugh.  His teeth are red from drinking red Gatorade.

One of the better shots he got, but it in no way captured the beauty of what we were seeing with our eyes.

I think the traffic, stop lights, and canal barricades really add to the romanticism of the photo!

The photographer grew weary of taking landscapes and decided to focus his attention on stills.  I call this, "Clean Shoes in a Dirty Car."

Then he wanted to test his finger agility and photo taking skills all at once.

I had him take a picture of my nails.  Not sure I like the light color.  I like the dark sparkly one.  No matter.  I'll get new colors in a couple of weeks.

More attempts at mountain shots.  Still doesn't do it justice.

Apparently, we needed a close up of Hudson's leg hair and dry skin.  Um, ewwww.

The little turkey must have shot this one from inside the car while I was walking into the house.  I look like I'm walking in a snow storm.

That might be the last time I give Hudson my phone.

We enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning...the beauty of going to Saturday night Mass!  We had been planning to see a movie during Christmas vacation, but we just never did it, so we went to see Daddy's Home this afternoon.  I liked it, but I'm easily amused.  Eric didn't like it.

We made a quick run to Costco and it was super crowded.  Yuck.

Walking back to the car.

I grocery shopped.

Then we went to our end of the year soccer party for Evan's team.  It was held at one of the grandparents' Mexican restaurant as private party.  I wasn't in the mood at all to be at a party, but it was still a pleasant time.  I was a bit anti social and did school work on my iPad.  Sometimes I just get in a funk and can't deal very well in group settings.  Today was one of those days.

Hudson played with the kids at first but ended up on his tablet after a while.

Eric made sure everyone (sponsors and coaches) had plaques of recognition.  I wanted to surprise Eric with something for him as team manager, but I didn't make it happen.  Bad wife.  My plan was to order a secret plaque, but I ended up sick and Eric ended up emailing the order.

Me at the party.  Gee, I look like a ball of fun.  I just couldn't suck it up and be social.  Anxiety set in for some reason.

The group.

My baby with the green inside his hoodie.  We are very lucky to be a part of such a great team.

Home now, showered, and ready for bed.

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