Wednesday, January 6, 2016

So Much for Heading Back to School

My Christmas Vacation was a wonderful, relaxing, and happy time.  I got many things done around the house.  I got all of the Christmas decorations put away. I did my lesson plans for school.

Then I went to bed on Sunday night and woke up at about 2 a.m. with a nasty stomach bug.  I fought the awful feeling all night and realized at about 5 a.m. that there was no way I could go to school.

Seriously?  The teacher misses the first day back to school after Christmas vacation?  Sheesh!

I texted my principal, quickly tapped out a revised lesson plan, and spent the day with my face in my pillow.  I slept for hours.

This is a random and weird picture, but it was pretty much my view for the day.  My blankets and the tv.  

Thank goodness it was a minimum day at school, so lesson plan revisions were easy.  That also meant that I didn't feel guilty letting the kids stay home an extra day!  I was too weak to drive them to school and too fuzzy to figure out how to call someone to come get them!  Sad.

Let's just say that neither of them were heartbroken to stay home and play video games for an extra day.

Both of them slept until 9:30.  When Evan finally woke up, he slowly peeked into my room.  He admitted that he'd been awake for a while, but he didn't want to come find me because he was afraid I'd make him get up and go to school!  What?  Geez kid, thanks for checking on me.  I could have been dead in my bed, but the 11-year-old didn't want to check on the circumstances for fear of going to school.  

I don't recall ever in their lives letting them skip school without them knowing about it before hand.  You would think both of them would have been slightly concerned.  Nope.

I also stayed home on Tuesday.  Still weak, stomach is still weird, still sick.  I did manage to get the kids up and off to school.  That was a small miracle.

I am feeling a little better and have managed to relocate to the couch for a bit.

The old dog, Bandit, is driving me crazy at the moment.  He's mad that I won't put him on our bed.  There are two dog beds for him to snuggle into, but he keeps barking at me.  I keep screaming NO to him.  He's determined to get his way.  It's like dealing with a two-year-old.  This dog is so old and cranky.

And yes, there is a giant baby gate stretching across the opening into our Retreat room.  This space is sacred, and I don't want any dogs in here.  So they just stand on the other side barking at me.

And in yet another episode of "Ways in Which I Fail as a Mom," we have this little gem.  

What is this, you ask?  Oh, that would be a Christmas ornament that Hudson had in his backpack all vacation.  Gee, it would have been nice to receive it prior to Dec. 25 or even prior to taking down the tree!  I would have loved to HANG it on the tree.  There is no more tree.

Apparently, the Forcey Family enters vacation and does NOT look back!  And none of us, myself included, bothered to look through any backpacks.  Besides a gift, there were also papers, food, and Christmas party treats in Hudson's bag.  Sigh.  I might just hang this little ornament somewhere to enjoy all year.

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