Saturday, January 16, 2016

Daily 4C Jan. 9-15

Jan. 9 - Hudson took a bunch of pictures for me.  He has red Gatorade teeth.

Jan. 10 - End of the year soccer party for Evan's team.

Jan. 11 - Weekday basketball game.  We are still undefeated! Also, Eric left for a work conference on this day.  He won't be back until Thursday.  We miss him already.

Jan. 12 - I wore another blanket scarf to school.  Still need to work on styling them.

Jan. 13 - I wore my hair up in a fussy little bun...and got quite a few compliments that day.

Jan. 14 - I had a filling repaired at the dentist.  My lips, tongue and cheek are in the process of wearing off and leaving that burning sensation.  Also...Eric is home from his conference.  We love it when Dad comes home.

Jan. 15 - I had an unexpected craving for pancakes, so we went to IHOP for dinner. Buttermilk pancakes hit the spot.

The week was a little off kilter with Eric gone for most of the week.  So glad he is home.

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