Saturday, January 30, 2016

Daily 4C - Jan. 23-29

The last week of January.  Goodness how time moves quickly!

Jan. 23 - The only picture I took on Saturday was of my Protein/Carbs/Fats intake for the day!  I've been pretty faithful following my macros for the past two weeks, and I've seen great results.  It helps me stay motivated.

Jan. 24 - I got my nails done.  I love it when there is no wait and the nail guy is fast!  I went back to basic pink.  No flair nail or crazy color this week.

Jan. 25 - We let Edward out of his cage to get some exercise.

Jan. 26 - I made penne in meat sauce in the Pressure Cooker.

Jan. 27 - My partner teacher brought me a diet Coke to get through the afternoon.  It was very needed yesterday.  I've been really tired this week.

Jan. 28 - Just a casual Thursday morning.  I took pictures of the process of putting on my makeup.

Jan. 29 - I made it through the week. My reward was dinner out with Eric (and we ran into my partner teacher and her husband and shared a table and had a great time!) and a glass of wine while sitting under my blanket.  

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