Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back to School...Two Days Late

While the rest of the world went back to work on Monday after a long holiday vacation, I decided to get really sick and hang out at home for two more days.  Wednesday was my back to school day.

Luckily, I felt pretty rested and ready to face the day.  I was worried I was barely going to be able to hang in there until 3, but I felt pretty steady all day.  I'm going to attribute that to staying home yesterday and doing NOTHING but getting better.

I taught my algebra class and headed back across campus to the office.  To make the day more fun, it's been raining nonstop.  As I passed Hudson's class, they were spending recess inside, so I stopped to chat and see my baby.

As usual, he lets me take photos of the two of us.

I was feeling decently put together for being deathly ill for two days!

This was Hudson's face when I told him he'd be at daycare until 5 because I had to coach Academic Decathlon.

And this is the face he made when I told him I was serious about the five o'clock time.

And there's the sweet smile I love.

Then I called Chloe over to take a picture with us, but she forgot to look at the camera.

That's better!

Then we kicked Hudson out of our photo.  Hudson hates it when I joke that Chloe is his girlfriend, but I just adore this little girl!

I made it through the day, Academic Decathlon, got home, made dinner, and Eric got a new selfie we had to test it out.

Just another day hanging out in the kitchen with my favorite guy. Hey, at least I only need to make it through two more days before getting to enjoy a weekend!

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