Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sappy Sunday...still don't like the title...I'll keep working on it

It's my day to look back and reminisce about old photos and times when the kids were little.

I found this gem in an old Facebook album.

This was taken in the July of 2009, so Evan would have been 4 1/2.  We were at the library for story time, getting a library card, and showing off our sense of style!

I just don't have time, patience, or the ability to care if the kids look a bit odd when we walk out the door.  I have to admit, Evan's ensemble of a baseball jersey T, soccer socks, and cowboy boots were a little over the top, even for our family!  But it makes me giggle to look at his little face!

I try to lead life with a "time and place" attitude.  There is a time and place to look and act a certain way such as church.  But random story time at the library on a July day?  Who cares if we wear soccer socks and cowboy boots?  

Today, I can't get Hudson out of shorts in the dead of winter, and I can't get Evan out of his two new sweatshirts.  Thank goodness he got two sweatshirts so one can be worn while the other can be washed!

*I also crack up at the way Evan is posing!  I mean, he kills me!  The little hip jut, the arm laid back, the head tilt.  It's just too much!

I highly recommend looking at old photos.  It brings a smile to my day!

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