Thursday, January 28, 2016

Life in General

Life has been pretty low key at the moment because of the hiatus from soccer practice two nights a week and games each weekend.

It is pretty funny when I consider "low key" to be basketball practice, weekend basketball games, school activities, gym and all the other stuff that makes up life.  My litmus test for a busy week is whether or not we have soccer.  I think soccer just sets my world right to the edge of the cliff!

And I just found out that practice is starting up again tomorrow.  Ugh.

Anyhow, we haven't really been up to a whole lot.  Mostly the daily grind type of stuff.

In my opinion, one of the best things ever is being able to come home from work and change into pajamas!  Because that means there is no practice or evening meetings.  Can I get an AMEN?!  I'm not ready for those low key evenings to end.

This one dances.  All the time.  And makes the weirdest faces while doing it!

I started copying him and he fell onto the floor in a fit of laughter!

I guess I'm just that funny.

Also happening in the Forcey world is trying to make as many recipes as I can with the new Power Pressure Cooker XL!  Last week's meal was pork baby back ribs.

Eric had to come rescue the food because I was following a recipe for beef ribs and he showed me that indeed they were pork ribs.  Ooops.  It didn't affect the recipe...or the flavor.  That was some good stuff.

Eric had to remove some of the beef stock and add in bbq sauce to make the recipe right.

I'm a messy cook.

We have let Edward out of his cage a time or two.  He got out of his rolly ball the other day.  Thank goodness I found him hiding by the wall.

Eric looks so tired. 

Look at the camera, dude!

The little guy was getting pudgy, so we want him to get some exercise.

Hudson is going through some weird eating phases.  He never wants to eat dinner.  It's driving us nuts.  He does like to eat our protein drinks.

My handsome baby.

I said, "Take a picture with me."  This is what he did...put a shake in front of my face!

Let's try this again.

All snuggled into my robe.  I've been really cold lately.

Garlic and onions.  Oh so good.

I love that you can brown meat in the same pot as the pressure cooker.  Only one pot gets dirty.

My turn to be tired. Oh, and I dyed my hair last hair last weekend. It turned out pretty dark.

Penne pasta in meat sauce.  It was just okay.

So that was a lot of random photos which pretty much matches our random life!

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