Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up - Last Two Days of Christmas Vacation

The older I get, the more I appreciate being able to stay home and do nothing!  It's hard to change my mindset about this, but I really dislike Sundays at about 5 p.m...especially after a long vacation!  It settles in that all my free time will be no longer.

With that said, here's what we were up to for our last vacation weekend.

One of my resolutions is to accomplish something specific each day.  I write it on a note and clip it to the frig.  I did not go to bed Saturday night until my lesson plans were emailed to my principal.

I started packing up the Christmas decorations on Saturday.  I'm going to miss my little Christmas coffee nook.

I didn't take very many specific Christmas decor photos this year, but I was really happy to display the nativity set that my dad hand painted years ago on top of the tv.  I'll be putting this out every year from now on.

Box after box after box goes into the shed.  I was pretty proud of myself, though, because when I pulled all the decoration out of the shed in December, I weeded out the stuff I didn't like or never gets put out.  I boxed it up and took it to the donation center.  Less stuff going back into the shed.

Also on Saturday morning, Eric and I ran to Lowe's to purchase this tall storage shed that is specifically for soccer gear!  Yes, we have that much gear to store.  Usually it lives in my car, but when we need to unload my car, there just isn't space in the garage to put all the chairs, tent, and stuff that goes with travel soccer.

Eric put it together quickly.  I didn't even get a chance to see how the inside looks with all our stuff.  I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunity when I need to get chairs for soccer practice.

Moments after a hair cut on Sunday morning.  Eric was trying to get Hudson to smile.  It worked.  The beauty of Saturday night Mass is being able to get stuff done on Sunday morning!

I think a hair cut makes his eyes look even bigger.

My handsome Little Chicken.

I wanted to go to Japanese Kitchen for lunch after hair cuts, but they were too long of a wait.  It must have been a New Year's miracle, because we got a parking spot and an easy table at Dog House Grill.  I took a sneaky picture of Evan from across the table.

There is never a shortage of stuff to look at in this restaurant.  Tri tip cobb salad for the win for me.

As we pulled back into our neighborhood, some weird rap song came on and Eric started dancing.  I laughed and told him he couldn't pull it off...because he was driving the family van!  You just aren't cool in a van.

In an effort to prove how cool he is, he lowered his seat back and drove realllllly slow the rest of the way home!  Had me laughing!

Later in the day I went grocery shopping and came home to a strange situation.

This is a random photo of a police car stuck in the soft dirt of the bank of the canal that runs by my house and a tow truck trying to pull the cop car free.  They funny part of this story is that I was to blame for the cop car being on the canal bank in the first place!  Let me explain.

As I drove home from the store, I could see through the opening in the fence to the canal, and I saw a little blonde head down in the canal on the bank!  When Evan came out to help with groceries, I had him go check to see if she was alone.  I hadn't noticed any parent nearby.  Evan told me she was alone.

I walked over to the canal and started talking to the little girl.  She said she was 6-years-old.  She wasn't quite sure where she lived, but she knew it was "over there."  At this point I'm freaking out because she is alone on a scooter, only 6, and down the embankment of a RUNNING canal.  Granted, the canal was very shallow at this point, but the water is freezing.  Plus, it is hard to tell how swiftly water is moving and she was little.

Her brothers (8 and 4!!!) came scootering up the road.  The littlest one was barefoot.  I told the kids they need to NEVER play on the canal unless a parent is with them.  At this point I called the police.  I explained the situation and asked for a neighborhood check.  The kids scooted on home, and as I was walking back up my driveway, I heard a dad yelling for the kids to come home!  Unbelievable!

Anyhow, I made it clear to the dispatcher that the kids were on the way home.  Later we were taking trash outside when we noticed the police car patrolling the canal.  It got to the location in the photo and there were some horses riding towards the car.  The cop pulled over to the side to allow the horses to pass.  And got stuck!  Two tow trucks and over an hour later, the car was pulled free.

The whole thing bothered me tremendously.  What if that little girl had slipped?  What if no one knew where she was?  What if I hadn't gotten home when I did?  I hated the whole situation.


Laundry is done.  Christmas is put away. Grocery shopping is done.  Sheets are washed.  And that about wraps up our weekend.  

Goals for the week: Stay sane and don't get stressed out!

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