Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Day in Our Life

Today I'm going to recount a typical day in our life.  The day for this post was actually yesterday (Wednesday, Jan. 20).

Our day starts really 4 a.m. early.  I throw on my gym clothes and sit down for a few minutes to catch up on my favorite blogs: Mix and Match Mama and

Looking lovely...not.  Trying to wake up.

I usually eat a rice cake or two so I have a little energy at the gym.

It's dark out here.  Eric wasn't in the mood for a photo at 4:10 a.m.  And yes, short people do indeed rock!

Running on the treadmill.  This was the first run I have done since going back to school after Christmas.  I lost a bit of my motivation over the past two weeks.  I hope I'm finding it again! *I don't like taking photos of myself at the gym because I feel like one of the "pretty" people who like to gaze at their muscles in the mirrors for all to see.  It's weird when people do that!

Ahhhh!  Back home and settled back into my couch with my coffee and my protein bar. I love this part of my day.

I read at least 10 pages each day of a book - usually a self improvement type book.  I'm excited because I'm just starting Chris Hogan's new book. (I also read my daily Bible passages.  I'm using an internet program to keep track of reading the Bible in one year.  Day 20 going strong!)

The kids have been asking for egg salad sandwiches lately.  They are hard to make if you don't have hard boiled eggs!  So I had to throw some eggs on the stove to boil this morning.

Showered, dressed, and half way done getting ready.  I like to be ready before I wake the kids up at 6:30.  It lets me have time to relax, help them, and not rush out the door like a maniac.

The arsenal of supplies to look awake!  I love my little red and white dish that holds my rings, bobby pins, and a hair clip or two.  A student gave it to me for Christmas.

Almost done.

Time to wake up the kids.  I usually go to Hudson's room first.  He is usually completely covered by his blanket.

He's my sleeper and is not really happy that it's morning.  He needs a few minutes to approach the day.

Evan is a pretty solid sleeper, but he is much easier to wake up.  He moves pretty quickly to the shower.  He's easy in the morning.

While I finished getting ready, the kids ate breakfast, put on their uniforms, and peeled the hard boiled eggs.  Hudson wanted to help me make the sandwiches.  He is my little chef.

The kids also help put lunches together.

On the way to school I drink a protein shake.  It keeps me from getting hungry too quickly, and it helps me hit my protein goals each day.

Off to school we go.

I thought the sky was really pretty this morning after the storm we had all day on Tuesday.

Oh little brothers do make us laugh!   We were walking into school at this point.

We go into the side entrance each morning because it is right by my office.

After morning prayer is over, I gather my stuff and walk across the street to the junior high wing.

The kids are super happy to see me!

My room before 26 large 8th grade bodies invade the place!

I'm not sure why this picture is sideways, and I am too tired to fix it.  My first class of the day is algebra.  We are learning to factor polynomials.  It's the best!  The kids tend to disagree with me about that.

At this point, teaching, iPad issues, meeting with my principal, and Academic Decathlon practice took over, and honestly, I forgot about blogging or taking any pictures.  I didn't remember to continue documenting the day until we got home.

Walking through the door after a long day is not my favorite due to the chaos that typically ensues.  It's the paper shuffle, the kids whining, the hungry.  Everybody needs something.  Luckily, the kids were pretty good today.  Probably because I bought them animal crackers and a Gatorade at Wal Mart when I had to stop to buy my protein bars.

Evan got busy right away to gather trash for pick up tomorrow.  I didn't even have to ask or remind him!
 This was my ensemble for the day.  I liked my outfit and got several compliments of people telling me that the blue was a good color on me.

The best feeling is taking off the high heels and putting on the slippers.  I usually change into pj's, but I was anxious to get dinner started, so I left my clothes on.  Kind of strange for me.

Again, life took over and it was hard to remember to photograph every step of life.  I corrected one kid's homework, put the pork loin in the pressure cooker, listened to another kid cry, and got dinner on the table.

The small one has been really emotional and tired the past two days.  He is usually pretty spunky, so I'm a bit worried about him. Eric put him to bed right after dinner because he needed it.

The big one snuggled with his dad.

And I am ready for bed.  It was a normal day with a few bumps, but we made it to the end. 

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