Saturday, January 23, 2016

Daily 4C - Jan. 16-22

We are sailing our way through January.

Jan. 16 - Evan's JV basketball team won first place in the St. Aloysius Basketball Tournament.  Evan earned All Tournament Player.  It was a fun day!  He also helped on the varsity team after his games were done.

Jan. 17 - We were back in Tulare for day 2 of the basketball tournament.  We made it to the championship game and got second place...the highest we have ever placed!  It was a really fun tournament!

Jan. 18 - We bought a pressure cooker at the outlet stores when we were in Tulare for the basketball tournament.  We used it for the first time on Monday.  These BBQ chicken thighs were straight out of the freezer and on our plate in less than 30 minutes!

Jan. 19 - I felt pretty sassy in my new size smaller pants, my new pink patent leather hot pink high heels, my new striped sweater, and my old hot pink bubble necklace.  I could wear stripes and bright colors every day.

Jan. 20 - The big one wanted snuggles with his dad after dinner. Even with it only being a four day week because of the MLK holiday, it has felt like the longest week ever!

Jan. 21 - I'm not sure what I would do without this girl at work.  She truly keeps me going.  Gearing up for Catholic Schools Week.

Jan. 22 - Evan sprained his ankle at basketball practice the day before.  Eric took him to Children's Hospital for x-rays.  Thank goodness it isn't broken, but his basketball season is most likely finished this year.

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