Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Still Undefeated

I never figured out what happened to yesterday's post.  Oh well.  It was our typical weekend of soccer, basketball, soccer party, grocery shopping, church and laundry.  You know, serious blog worthy type stuff! (I somehow found the post and hit publish at 9:40 last night.)

Today, Evan's basketball team had a game after school.  Most of the basketball games are on the weekend, but there are a few week day games.  We are undefeated, and that is pretty exciting!

Typical selfie of Hudson and me waiting for Evan's game to start. I wore this blanket scarf for the first time and it felt overwhelming.  I really like it, but I need to look up ways to style blanket scarves!

Waiting for the game to start.

It was a really close game the whole way through.  We were either up or down by only a few points.  Evan was fouled and is getting ready to shoot free throws.

He had a great game despite very technical and picky refs who seemed to call every stinking little thing.  Another mom said to me, "I don't think the ref likes your son!"  It seemed like he was getting called for any little thing.  I know I sound like one of those crazy sport moms!

We managed to pull ahead a bit, and held onto the lead to win the game 35-29, and our winning streak is alive!  Undefeated!  It's exciting, but the longer we continue to win, the more pressure there is to hang onto that streak!  That's a lot of pressure!

Ending the day doing homework in my bed and watching the college football championship game.  We wanted Clemson to win.  I don't know why.  I just rooted for the team that Evan wanted.

Ugh!  I'm in tears watching the college football players hug their moms!  I get it...I really do!  As the parent of little athletes, we are just as invested in the accomplishments as the kids.  Their wins are our wins.  I can only hope and dream that both of my boys are able to play sports at higher levels if that is what they wish to do. It's what they say they want to do, so we'll see.

I've made a lot of progress on grading papers and getting grades entered into the grading system.  That takes a lot of stress off my shoulders.

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