Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up - Basketball Tournament

It was a busy weekend with basketball, but it's okay because we get Monday off.  Hip hip for three day weekends!

I smiled when I went to wake Hudson up on Friday morning.  I put this light-up candy cane in his room in December, and he told me he wanted to keep it in there after Christmas.

I also have yet to pack away Buster the Elf.  I told Hudson Buster is watching him to make sure he's being a good boy.

See that fan behind Hudson's head? He's been using it!  Oh my gosh it's freezing and the kid wants cold air on his face.  We turned it off after he fell asleep. The poor kid runs so hot all the time.  He only uses one little blanket right now, and he's totally comfortable. Crazy kid!

This one is definitely not my morning kid.  He sleeps late when on vacation.  I get Evan up first to shower, and Hudson gets a few more minutes of rest before having to take his shower.

Once I got the boys up and moving, I went back in my room to find Eric putting together my end table.  Now I have a place for a drink and my computer.

I love it!

Eric's car needed work done, so after picking us up from school, we went to get his car from the shop.  By this point we were all getting hungry.  I had a very unusual craving for pancakes.  I'm not a huge breakfast food fan, so it was a weird craving. As usual, I made Hudson take a picture with me.

New white sweater and a bun in my hair again.

The big one really missed his dad this week.

Suddenly, Hudson's head popped up on the other side of the table to be in the "boy" photo!

It made Evan mad and it made us laugh!

My cranky one, my happy one, and my favorite one.

Oh these two!  This makes me giggle.  Such carbon copies of each other.

Buttermilk pancakes and scrambled eggs.  They were so good for some reason.  I thought it was a very strange choice for a Friday night dinner, but it ended up being a great choice.  We got seated immediately, our food was ready in ten minutes, our service was great, and the meal was good.  Can't beat that!

We were up early on Saturday morning to head to Tulare for a basketball tournament.

Mandatory Mommy and Hudson selfie while hanging out watching Evan play basketball.

Hudson pretty much did this for the rest of the day.  He's just not all that interested in watching his brother play ball.  That's okay.  He'll be in fourth grade next year and he will be the one playing ball.

Evan, quite honestly, is a fantastic athlete!  He has areas where he needs to work and improve, but it is just so much fun watching him control the court, lead his team, and make shots!

Evan helped bring home the 1st place JV trophy!  And we are so proud!  It's the first time OLPH JV Boys have won this tournament!  Congrats hug from Dad.

Congrats hug from Mom.  I wasn't willing to get as close to him because he was all sweaty and gross!

Some of the best coaches around.  Kaitlinn, Nick, and I all share an office, and they take great care of my kids.  I tell ya, these people are literally helping to raise and shape the character of our children, and I couldn't be more grateful.  (I just told Eric he has to make normal faces in photos!  He looks like we just told him bad news!)

We were all down on the court with the team, and I turned to see Hudson hanging out watching his iPad.  He was not all that interested in our big win!

First place trophies are fun!

Way to go, Cougars! Evan also won the individual player award from his team!

Our JV Girls team won 3rd place.

Hudson got off his tablet long enough to climb these letters.

We did a little shopping at the outlet stores, got some lunch and ice cream, and headed home.

The views of the mountains on the drive home were just beautiful.  As usual, my photos don't even come close to capturing the actual beauty.

With it being an El Nino year, we have gotten a lot of rain in the valley and snow in the mountains.  It's still not enough to get us out of our drought conditions, but the views to the east right now are magnificent.

My sexy man and his funny tan!

We spent a super relaxing Sunday morning watching tv, reading, and vegging on the couch.  Then we drove back down to Tulare for Day 2 of the basketball tournament.  Evan was helping out the varsity team because they had a few kids who couldn't make it on Sunday.

I was busy taking photos with the school camera, so I didn't get any cell phone pictures of the first game.  (And I'm too lazy to upload the pictures from the nice camera right now!)  We were playing one of our rivals, St. Anthony's, and at one point were down by 11.  And somehow, someway, we brought it back and WON!  That meant we were in the championship game!

There was a funny moment in that first game when a kid was supposed to foul Evan, but didn't, and then another kid from his team ran over and literally picked Evan up off the ground!  Oh boy did I start screaming!  Apparently, loud enough for the boys to hear me across the court!

The following pictures are from the championship game.

My little man taking the court!  He may be small, but he's pretty mighty.

The cool part about this is that those are my 7th and 8th grade boys Evan is playing with and they really take good care of him.  I love to see how they sling an arm around him or high five him.

Arms up!

Easily the smallest kid out there, but he hung in strong.

Heading up the court.

Catching the ball to head for a lay up.

The game was a nail biter.  We were down most of the time, but only by a basket or two.  At one point, we were ahead.  We ended up losing 41 to 36 and got 2nd place in the tournament.  This is the highest that we have ever placed in this tournament!  So exciting!

I'm so proud of my baby and all my classroom boys!  It was a really fun tournament to watch.

*And crazy enough...I didn't take a selfie of Hudson and myself on Sunday!

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