Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites - Dad is Home!

I'm linking up today for Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies.

It's Friday!  We made it through the week and our reward is a THREE DAY WEEKEND!  And yes, I'm yelling about it!  This was the first time in months that we had a full five-day week at school.  No half days, no crazy schedule, no rally, no holiday...just five straight days of teaching!  It was weird, but it also felt really long!

We have a two-day out of town basketball tournament this weekend, so it will be nice to have Monday to relax and catch up on all the sitting on my couch!

I pretty much only have ONE Friday Favorite:

This guy is home where he belongs!

I sure missed that goofy face!

Eric left for Long Beach on Monday for a work related conference.  While we all managed fine, life is just not the same with him gone.

I also don't like to advertise it online when Eric is out of town.  I feel a bit safer sharing that after the fact.

Monday night was pretty easy because we had Evan's basketball game after school, dinner was fast food, and the boys and I camped out in my bed watching the College Championship football game.

Tuesday night was decently easy. I made dinner, the kids watched cartoons in my room, and I watched a bunch of stuff on DVR and zoned out.

I'm so sad that this is the last season for Downton Abbey.  I really love this show. I also can't wait for Scandal to come back.  It returns on my birthday on Feb. 11!  I'll take that as a birthday present!

Wednesday night was rough.  We were all missing Eric.  The boys were sniping at each other. I was frustrated with them. I was trying to get a few things done around the house. I needed to spend a bit of quality time with both of them. Hudson was insistent on playing his new recorder. Gah!  And the dogs were being pains.  We all needed our dad/husband home last night!

But Eric is home and he's off tomorrow!  Our world just works better when he's home and part of our normal routine.

Here's to husbands being back home, a three day weekend on the horizon, getting caught up at school, and losing a pound!

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