Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Day Tuesday

This is Teacher Appreciation Week at our school.  Yesterday teachers got flowers, today we get lunch from the Parent Club, tomorrow we create fun lunches for each other, and cards and prayers round out the week.

As you can see from my desk, I have a bit of work to do.  This morning's project was ordering Subway sandwiches for the 8th grade retreat lunch tomorrow and ordering end of the year field trip permission slips.  By the way, I LOVE the little angel ornament that hangs from my file box on the wall.  She is holding a book that says math!  That is the BEST ornament ever!

I randomly took some other photos.  This is my view out my office door into the main office at school.  AJ was busy making copies for kindergarten kids.  AJ and I joke about his bright and vivid wardrobe.  This is about as bright as he gets!

The view of the work piles on the other side of my desk.  Must decorate.  I have dreams of it being a beautiful work space someday.  Right now all I have is a random football shot of Evan.  Granted, he made a touchdown in that photo, but it isn't exactly "office worthy" stuck on the wall like it is!  Summer project?  Office beautification is on!

Yesterday I got a few flowers, and today I was surprised with Sweet Tarts and Almond Rocha.  I also have a small obsession with Post It Notes.  They are everywhere helping me stay somewhat organized, even if it is just an illusion.

The Parent Club provided us with delicious sandwiches, chips, and salads.  Yum!

And we got ADORABLE blinged up cups!  Yay!

Coach Washington and I share an office.  He LOVES sharing an office with disorganized me! Heh!  Poor man has seen me angry, sad and crying, obnoxiously happy, silent, singing, and all emotions and antics in between.  He is rather mild mannered and sits at his desk and lets me do my thing.  Great office partner!

The day isn't even half over and it has been action filled!  Now, if I could JUST GET 8TH GRADERS TO LISTEN!  They are mentally done with me, but I still need them to do a few things like write letters to their parents and Father Robert for graduation.

Lucky for all of us they have their retreat with Fr. Robert tomorrow.  Maybe they'll come back Thursday with tons of motivation to finish out the year.  And maybe pigs will fly.  There is always bribery and threats to get stuff done!

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