Thursday, May 22, 2014

Prayer Rocks

Father Robert is celebrating his 10th anniversary of priesthood.  He is a wonderful leader and teacher for the OLPH Church and School, so we are honoring him tomorrow.  My partner teacher and I decided to create a junior high gift of prayer rocks.  Saw it on Pinterest.  Here's our version.

Each color rock is for a different type of prayer: healing, love, encouragement, and tough times.  With more time, I think I would have glazed over the rocks with a seal.  They are chipping a bit, but this will have to do.  In any case, it was made with love.

Blocking out the big forehead with this picture.  I wanted to show off my Disneyland T-shirt from two weeks ago.  Next year is going to be red.  I'm already planning the colors until Evan is in 8th grade.  Only four years to go for that one!  Between Jog-a-thon, Academic Decathlon, Disneyland, and 8th grade class, I have enough OLPH gear to last me for three weeks!

I am so stinking proud of this kid!  He just won a full ride scholarship to his high school!  That makes three years in a row that someone from our school has won this award.

He came up to me right after morning prayer holding the envelope and grinning from ear to ear.  He said, "I have some news!"  I barely let him finish before screaming and jumping and hooping and hollering and hugging.  All the other teachers and kids were heading into their classrooms and had to stop to see what was wrong with Mrs. Forcey!  I couldn't help it, I was just soooooo excited for him!

I'm not sure what is up with my own to kids.  Haven't seen much of them today.  They have soccer practice, and I need to count and submit payroll before tomorrow.

I am missing school tomorrow morning because I have a full workup pulmonologist appointment scheduled.  A recent breathing test said I had the lungs of an 82-year-old, so my doctor wants to rule out any problems.  He mentioned something about restricted lungs.  Hopefully, everything is fine.  I'm sure I'll write about the appointment tomorrow.

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