Saturday, May 24, 2014


Last night we went to see the Fresno Fuego soccer game play the San Jose Earthquakes.  The Fuego play at the Chuckchansi baseball stadium.  It's weird to see the field cornered off for soccer.

One minion and one Brazil fan.

Coach Tom is out there somewhere.  Tom's kids are our kids' friends.  They go to our school.  Tom also owns the indoor soccer arena where the kids LOVE to play.

The game was fun.  It was a beautiful night.  I took a sweatshirt thinking it would get cool when the sun went down.  It was breezy and nice, but never cold.

What a little minion he is!  Fuego won 2-0.  We also got mini soccer balls for getting there early.

We woke up early this morning so Hudson could go play indoor soccer for Coach Tom.  It turned out that he needed Evan to stay to play on the older kid house team.  We said sure.  The kids stayed there, and Tom brought them home after Wendy's and a swimming stop at the grandparent's house.  My kids were thrilled!

Eric and I ate pizza and took naps while they were gone.  It turned out to be a pleasant and unexpected non-kid day for a few hours!

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